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Grognards In Greyhawk an OSRIC campaign for Greyhawk

Grognards in Greyhawk is a OSR OSRIC campaign for 6 players starting at level 1 in Gary Gygax's World of Greyhawk setting . This campaign is geared to Grognards men and women ages 40 and up. .we are using the OSRIC rules conpendium which are free and can be found online.Games will be every other Saturday at 7pm central time till 11pm via Roll20 and Discord.. Various Classic modules will be interspersed into the campaign . our First session will be session ZERO for character creation.. Comment or message if interested in playing. the Age requirement is flexible ,im just gearing the campaign to those of us who made our start when Greyhawk came out
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Awesome, Tim!! Looks to be a good campaign. OSRIC is just like AD&D the 1st. Hope to play or be a spectator
Gold said: Awesome, Tim!! Looks to be a good campaign. OSRIC is just like AD&D the 1st. Hope to play or be a spectator message me if you can play an ill get you set
For the record im within a couple hours of 48 hours since i first posted..Still seeking players. For those interested in learning about OSRIC ill post a link to a free pdf via Drivethru rpg. Comment or message if interested in playing&nbsp; OSRIC for free..&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
my 45 hour post. Seeking players.OSRIC is a fun Retro clone of 1e and i think this campaign will be great. message if interested in playing
Currently have 2 players seeking 4 more
Currently have 3 players seeking 3 more. Also as an UPDATE yes there is possibilitys of playing as Monks. Bards, and a very rudimentary but cool form of Dragon born called Hordelings. and also Psionics as well .. hope you grognards join this campaign
posting within 2 hours of 48-.. Campaign now has 4 players seeking to more to close out the adventuring party.message if interested in playing
Seeking 2 more players to fill ouit the adventuring party
seeking 1 more player to round out the adventuring party
I'd love to take that last spot if still open.
lost a player. have a spot open for anyone interested
Which classic modules are you planning to use?
THE HERETIC Z said: Which classic modules are you planning to use? wont name them due to players who cheat an read them
I would like to play but can't make Saturdays work. I hope you guys have a great campaign!
Currently lost 2 players.. all info is up top . Campaign starts soon so i can get you set up as soon as possible. And yes modules will be Placed in this campaign. Yes they are Greyhawk oriented. they will fit the overall arc of the campaign BUT i wont divulge them before hand due to cheaters who read modules beforehand in other campaigns. Message for more info. due to supplements that add more that can be used. this campaign i think will be a great OSR experience
Seeking 2 players with Greyhawk and 1e experience OSRIC core book is free and can be found at Drivethru .our first game is on March 14th 7pm central Daylight time <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I'd like to give this a try.&nbsp; 7pm cst on Saturdays is a good time for me.&nbsp; I've played 1e (a long time ago) and I'm relatively familiar with Greyhawk.&nbsp; I'm also 40+.&nbsp; I'm going to download the OSRIC you linked and begin reading it.&nbsp;&nbsp;
seeking 1 more player. campaihn starts this saturday the 14th so would need to get character done straight away. message if interested
lost a player. seeking 1-2 who might be interested in playing.message for more info
Grognards are you&nbsp; out there. , seeking 1-2 players to add to our group
Looking for someone who likes the Old School D&amp;d seeking 1-2.. message if interested . next session is next week saturday the 28th
Seeking 2 players
Game returns this saturday seeking 1-2 players
Lost another player niow seeking 2-3 players