Purpose: To create code for quick addition of inventory items to a character using the D&D 5e by Roll20 sheet (The "OGL Sheet") Requirements: Pro account with ChatSetAttr API script installed (available from One Click. Make a copy of  this linked spreadsheet . It will allow you to input equipment descriptions by filling in some basic fields. You are then given the opportunity to copy the code to add that piece of equipment to the character sheet of a selected token. This could be handy for quickly filling out NPC inventories, or giving out unique magic items or treasure that is non-monetary. The spreadsheet comes with a Ring of Protection and a Potion of Water Breathing already filled in as examples. You are given the option of copying the raw ChatSetAttr command, or the same command formatted as an API Command Button, for use in a Chat Menu . The fields are: itemname  The name of the item. itemcount The number of items, default 1 itemweight Weight of the Item in pounds equipped [0,1] Whether it is actively equipped, default 1 useasresource [0,1] Whether it is actively equipped, default 0 hasattack [0,1] this is there for experementation. the Compndium does stuff when dragging and dropping a weapon that this can't copy duplicate, default 0 itemproperties As per an equipment listing from the compendium. Consult compendium for examples. itemmodifiers As per an equipment listing from the compendium. Consult compendium for examples. itemcontent Text description of the item. this will automatically do replacements on problem characters like commas and carriage returns, but keep it simple. The two fields in color at the bottom contain the code to copy. Use the top one (yellow) for an API Button, Use the bottom (pink) one for the raw code for using directly as a standalone macro. If you go with the Button method, you could create a Chat Menu with a list of buttons for treasure that you can distribute according to which token is selected when you press it. When pasting the code into Roll20, you must remove the quote marks from the beginning and end of the code . This is an unavoidable spreadsheet feature. Example macro to add a Ring of Protection: !setattr {{ --sel --mute --replace --repeating_inventory_-create_itemname|Ring of Protection --repeating_inventory_-create_itemcount|1 --repeating_inventory_-create_itemweight|1 --repeating_inventory_-create_equipped|1 --repeating_inventory_-create_useasresource|0 --repeating_inventory_-create_hasattack|0 --repeating_inventory_-create_itemproperties| --repeating_inventory_-create_itemmodifiers|Item Type: Ring, Ac +1, Saving Throws +1 --repeating_inventory_-create_itemcontent|Requires Attunement\n\nYou gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while wearing this ring.}} I just banged this together tonight, so if anybody sees any problems let me know and I'll fix the master.