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LFP - Ways of the Wicked AP - Revenge, Served Hot!!! - USA Central - Monday Night


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Are you bored right now? Do you want to play something on monday nights, CST timezone? Need 5 players for Pathfinder Ways of the Wicked AP - Starting at lvl 1 and going as far as we can through the whole thing. For those who are not familiar with the path, it is a game for evil characters. Now it is geared towards a Lawful Evil bent, and there will be specific character creation rules...Also, the races will be altered based on my home brew material. I will be online tonight, so PM me if you are interested
I would love to play this, I've been interested in the Way of the Wicked campaign for a long time. With respect however, I would rather play it Rules As Written. I simply want to play the campaign as it was intended, and campaigns I have participated in where classes, races, or even core rules were altered for home brew rules almost never worked out well. One campaign fell apart after the second session as no one liked the GM's home brewed skill system and he refused to change it. If you could be upfront about your changes I'd be willing to see if they fit in the spirit of the game and if I could work with them.Otherwise, well I payed a lot of money for the game books and those are the rules I would prefer to use.
Basically, I am adding more to each race, and capping them at 15 RP each using the Pathfinder ARG. Then i have changed the gods a bit, but still use the templates in the Core book. I am using all PF material, and limiting sometimes problem classes, and classes that don't fit what I want for the campaign. I am not planning on altering the mechanics or rules.
As a word of advice, you may want to just briefly cover what you're limiting, changing, and what classes that don't 'fit what you want'. Interviewing players, inviting them and then dropping all of those changes on them may very well be the straw that broke the camels back - and when you do it repeatedly, players you do have will probably get tired of the rotating cast. It's fairly vital information to have. Either a link to your LFP campaign page with that information available, or posting it here. The more information potentials have, the more likely they are to consider your campaign.

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Characters as follows - Starting Level 1 - Attributes - First, Choose 1 Stat as your Focus. It starts at 18. Now, choose 1 stat as a Folly, it starts at an 8. You will then roll 1d8+9 x 4 and fill in the stats from top to bottom in the remaining 4. You must put them in the order they are rolled into the remaining stats. You may switch two NON-Focus/Folly stats ONE time. Allowed Alignments - Lawful Evil is suggested, Lawful Neutral, Neutral, and Neutral evil only. Races will be customized - If you don't like homebrew things, then don't play. Allowed PC Base Classes - This is final...If it is not on the list do not ask please. Barbarian - (NE, or N only) Cleric - Must worship LE deity, there will be a custom pantheon. Druid - (NE only) - Also need back story - Speak with me Fighter - As is Inquisitor - LE deities only Oracles - LE Deities only. Rangers - Favored Enemy Humans or Good Outsiders are suggested Sorcerers - Any Bloodline permitted. Witches - Subject to approval Wizards - As normal - Skills and Feats - Feats are unchanged. Each character will receive and extra 2 skill points per level. You begin the game with no equipment, locked up, waiting execution in Brandescar Prison.

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Game is Re-Opened....LF 5 more players who can do either text or voice. Games on Monday nights, 7-8 pm CST, to about midnight - 1 am. I am online now, looking to make 5 characters and start playing asap...Again, text for now, working on mic A game for villains...Prepare you vengeance on those who branded you a criminal, literally, and sentenced you to death! Need 5 players to guide the nation of Talingarde to its doom! Attributes - Choose 1 Focus Stat, this starts at 18. Choose 1 Folly Stat, this starts at 8. Roll 1d8+9 four times, filling in from top to bottom. You may then switch the scores of two of your non-focus/folly stats once. Alignments - LE is suggested. Only LE, LN, N, or NE will be allowed. LE is suggested and non - LE characters need to be able to get along with LE. Classes - Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard, Cavalier(Certain Orders Only), Inquisitor, Magus, Oracle, Witch Link to the Races - <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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