Greetings! This morning we pushed code with the following changes: The home page got an update to be more responsive for mobile users. New users will default to the scrollwheel behavior using Zoom rather than Pan. You can change this in your profile settings, and can set it for any individual game in the game settings tab for that game. New audio tracks from Tabletop Audio and Incompetech (see below) Updated the games list in the games drop-down menus (LFG listings, Now Playing, Player Directory) (also see below) The new Roll20 help center is now available in the header (under "Community") and in the site footer. Additionally, Token Marker Sets are now available in the marketplace! How to Find Token Marker Sets You can find Token Marker Sets using the Token Markers category in the Marketplace . How to Use Sets from the Marketplace  When you buy a token marker set from the marketplace, you will see it in your Token Marker Library, identified as a "Marketplace" set. You can add this to your game as normal. You can copy token markers from the set to another set if you want to use just a few of the token markers from it. See the Custom Token Marker documentation in the help desk for more information. Quarterly Updates to Games and Audio (Added on Feb 18, 2020) Exactly which games and audio files were added: Ironsworn, Velocity System, AGE, Year Zero, Vieja Escuela, Cyberpunk Red, Kids on Bikes, Feast of Legends, Index Card RPG 2E, Kult, Knight, Lasers & Feelings, Maid RPG, Old School Essentials, Paranoia Mongoose Edition, RWBY Tabletop, and Tails of Equestria. Munchkin was removed. New TableTop Audio tracks: Haunted Endgame Barovian Village Yuletide 1940s Boardwalk Dying World Swamp Planet The Steppes Tarrasque Interior Shopping Mall Crossing the Styx New Incompetech tracks:  Farting Around Aquarium Dance of the Tuba Plum Fairy Holiday Weasel Krampus Workshop Del Rio Bravo Hillbilly Swing Still Pickin Ebbs and Flows  Elf Meditation Mana Two Part 1, 2, and 3 (3 tracks) Kalimba Relaxation Music Energizing Adding the Sun Limit 70 Ancient Winds Wind of the Rainforest Deep Relaxation Screen Saver Night Vigil Ancient Rite Gothamlicious New Hero in Town Circus of Freaks Strength of the Titans The Ice Giants A Very Brady Special Royal Coupling Blippy Trance Night in Venice Frogs Legs Rag Maple Leaf Rag The Entertainer Character Sheets Pathfinder 2e by Roll20: New setting for chat scroll bars Saving throws now have the "TEML" (trained, expert, master, legendary) value displayed and the basic description no longer displays when rolling a saving throw. Color change for the drop-down text for actions Removed Notes and Description from the roll template Licensed Products D&D 5e Compendium Noble of Dispater, noble of Levistus, noble of Baphomet, noble of Fierna, noble of Glasya, noble of Mammon parry reaction updated Mage, ice mephit, and magma mephit spellcasting updated Lightless Beacon Patch 1.4 NPC character sheets and tokens added for youngling and deep one hybrid Quick-Start Rules Patch 1.1 NPC character sheets added for Walter Corbitt and Rat Pack, tokens updated Check it Out The most recent community roundtable was Thursday, February 6 .   Catch the video  here ! Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the helpdesk , or check out the  most recent note  here.