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Charatermancer bug

Not sure if this bug is Charatermancer or sheet related so i'll just throw it here. as you can see its showing the variable for the expansion, this is for variable human taking warcaster.
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Hey Tom M. -  Would you mind providing me the exact name of the game and character in question, please? I'll pop in and take a look at this as soon as I can!

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"Wild Adventures" id 5449239 Character name is Tom, it only showed it under making a new character on the review page, i'll try to recreate it. The character Tom there is the one that bugged out. 
yup on making a new variant human picking different stuff (i kept warlock and war caster) the review page shows "you've selected the War Caster?expansion=5 feat."
Roll20 Team
Hey Tom M. - Hmmm, very strange! My apologies for the trouble! I've gone ahead and submitted this issue to our team to be fixed. Overall, just so you know, adding feats through the Charactermancer is actually not supported at this time, so you shouldn't be able to actually add any feats via the variant human feature. 
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Actually, you can at character creation time. It's only Level Up that doesn't allow the addition of feats.

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Hi keithcurtis -  *Facepalm" Yes, you are right that's my bad. I always get myself mixed up on this one. Thank you for catching me on that lol. I'll make sure this issue gets forwarded to our Character Sheet team!