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New Player looking for group

Hello . I am looking to learn how to roleplay and play pathfinder 2e and or Dnd 5th edition. I am in need of a group that can be patient and teach me about roleplay as well as how to use Rolld20 software as l am new. My schedule is pretty flexible

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Doug I have one question for you. Would you mind trying out cleric? Because I GM a group and sometimes players don't show up. That being said we are in need of one more person. Our campaign just started but if your down for a discord call just we can see if we can stand each other, let me know. Our sessions tend to be every Thursday at 7 pm. I am always looking for more roll players. Also I have weather effects. But yeah if your still looking for a group and want to be taught some role play stuff, let me know. Also here's a link <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Is there a slot still avaulable?