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My Campaign Won't Load

I have a Curse of Strahd Campaign (labeled as Curse of Strahd: Shenanigans in my games). Wednesday night is usually our game night, so we were trying to get on tonight to play. The game wasn't really loading for any of us. It spent forever on the black loading screen before some of us finally got in, but once we did it was super slow to respond if it didn't just outright freeze. Others just kept getting messages from our web browser that the page wasn't responding. I tried loading some of my other games to see if I can get in those, and I seem to be able to get in and interact with the other games fine. It seems from my perspective to be isolated to that one game.
Roll20 Mod Team
Hello Matthew, please carefully work through the first three steps of our guide to Solving Technical Issues : Step 1: Make sure to use the right browser. Please check if these issues persist when using both Chrome and Firefox. Step 2: Ensure that there are no extensions/addons interfering with Roll20. Please disable all add-ons/extensions Step 3: Clear your cache If none of the above succeeds, please have thoroughly work through Step 4.(Don't forget the complete Console Log!) If you need additional information on how to capture a console log we have additional information here: Submitting a Console Log in Firefox Submitting a Console Log in Chrome Thank you!

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I'm sorry, but this issue was experienced by the entire group of people who were trying to access the campaign, so I fail to see how any of these fixes could be the problem. It was experienced on four entirely different computers owned by people who don't even live in the same house. Half the party doesn't even live in the same state. I will work through the steps regardless of my own misgivings tomorrow when I have some time, I'm going to note now that I already tried Step 1: on my own computer last night . I have the same issue whether I try to load it in Firefox or Chrome. Usually I use Chrome. I'm not sure what the rest of my party uses or whether they tried other browsers. EDIT: Nevermind. I believe I've fixed it. This exact same campaign had done this before. The other mod turned off the dynamic lighting on the maps because it was causing whatever the loading issue was. I managed to get the game loaded enough to see that the dynamic lighting had been turned back on for several of the maps. I'm thinking perhaps an update that had recently been prompted for the campaign must have somehow turned it back on since I did not do so as my players like it better without the dynamic lighting. Regardless of how it got turned back on, the issue was resolved once I went through and turned it back off.