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How do I remove red, green and blue token circles?

Each token has a red, green and blue circle. You can bind them to things like hitpoints etc, but in the system I'm currently playing I don't have a good use for them - especially for all my monsters. At the same time me and my players find them really annoying when we need to rotate a token to show the direction it is facing. Is there a way to remove these colored circlesfrom tokens - either per token or per game. I still want to have the the ability to place status icons on tokens, as they are very useful to me.
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Right click on the token. From the flyout menu, select "Is Drawing". That will remove the interface with the circles. Unfortunately, they are part and parcel with the token marker system. It's both or neither.
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If you are having trouble accessing the handle of a token for rotation, keep in mind that you can usually make it easier by altering your zoom.&nbsp; There is also a couple keyboard shortcuts to rotate tokens:&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Thanks for the replies. That what how I understood the Is Drawing option too, hence why I mentioned that I wanted to be able to use the status icons. I did not know about these shortcuts, however: E+Mouse Wheel: Rotates a selected token by 45-degree or 30-degree increments, depending on your grid type Alt+E+Mouse Wheel: Rotates a selected token by 1 degree at a time I think it is odd you can't disable these 3 circles - I doubt I'm the only one running a campaign where these aren't used by tokens. The shortcut at least made this less annoying for me. Thanks.