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Can't download some music

I can't seem to download some music. It is flac type, and less than the maximum for download. I have a plus membership, and while I have lots of music, I really like the music I have and want to download it. I've looked at my browser, disabled extensions, and cleared my cache, so I don't know what is up with it, since what I can tell I should be able to download the flac type music.
Scott C.
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To clarify, are you trying to download it to your computer or upload it to Roll20. I'm not actually sure you can download music from Roll20. Other things to check are what is your storage usage at?
Sorry, I meant upload to Roll20, I guess that was a poor choice of words. Ive checked my storage usage and I have plenty left.
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What is the file size?
They vary, but the first few I looked at were around 14-15mb, but other music I have uploaded was around the same amount and didn't take any time at all. I have left the music trying to upload for well over half an hour, with no luck.
Juniper L.
Roll20 Team
I've run into this issue before - the problem for me seemed to be a bum encoding of the original file. You may need to convert it to a different file format (mp3, ogg, etc.) and give it another try?
Thanks for the tip, I tried that and it is working like a charm! Thanks so much!
Glad that the issue had been fixed! But here I still would like introduce a tool for you if you want to download and convert music. To make it, you could try the program Sound Capture Mac . It can download music from many sources and then convert the audios to multiple audio formats, you can define it as you like. Then you could keep the audios to your computer and transfer them to other media players or devices for listening without any limitation.