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Token Ring sets in market place to use?


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SO i saw some really nice token ring sets int he Market place. In the item description is says i can use them with my favorite Token maker program. I thought you could not save market place image items locally? this is the set i am referencing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> How is this accomplished? is the token in the marketplace savable as a PNG to my local computer for use elsewhere? Please do not discuss 3rd party token maker application or options , i am simply trying to understand if i am able to do what i think i am able to do based on the market place items description.&nbsp; If i purchase it and i cant do what it says i can do.. what is the refund policy?

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Once you have purchased the set, you can download it and use it in whatever program you wish.&nbsp; There are a couple applications available that are specifically for making tokens, but you can do this in pretty much any image editor.
Gabriel P.
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As Kraynic says they can be downloaded to used in any image editor.&nbsp; If your ever uncertain if you can downloadable asset you can filter by "Downloadable: Yes" when searching the the marketplace: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;Happy gaming!
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Check out Tokentool, it's free to download and make token creation a breeze. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
That's what i use! I wanted to bring these assets into to it to use. SO i purchased it. NOTE!.. the rings in the "Glam Tech Frames" pack do not have the outer area masked properly.&nbsp; It does not hide the outside of the image the extends past the toke border. I had to apply a 255.0.255 to the outside to make them work properly. I am sending a note to the Creator to fix this if possible.
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Actually, that is something you do on your own.&nbsp; I'm not sure they can even have things in quite the right format on the marketplace to be able to just drop into an exterior program because it relies on certain layers being there. If you scroll down, this thread on the Tokentool forum has a picture tutorial on setting up custom overlays in GIMP:&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href=";t=16156" rel="nofollow">;t=16156</a>
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This is correct. Although a .png can save an alpha channel (transparency), it cannot save a mask.
Tiffany M.
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You'd have to do that on your own, sorry. It's easy to do if you use an image editor without any kind of fancy masking as long as you're not concerned about non-destructive editing techniques. Just use the magic wand selector tool set to 'continuous' or something like 'directly connected pixels only' and click outside of the round, and then go to the layer you place your square image on, and hit 'delete'. Or select a transparent png token to use underneath it.
Thanks all. I gor em working properly now. I addd the mask to each an they look great.&nbsp;