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LFG [D&D][5e][EST] Looking for a long term campaign.

Just looking for a group of players to run in a long term campaign, with a small group of players, not looking to join a community for west march groups, nor am I looking to pay to play a game. However, I am well versed in both roll20 and D&D 5th Edition. I am not too picky about filling in classes.

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Possibly a game for monday or fridays preferably 
what time would be the play time for the game for those days?
Anytime for now

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Me and my girlfriend would be interested. We tend to like damage casters as characters. We are in a longterm stable relationship and squabbling while playing will not happen. I have more experience than her having done two campaigns and we did one together which went well. I also avidly watch critical role and other DND shows which utilize Roll20, though we both have minimal experience with Roll20, but are both quick-studies. She is really good at RP, and I enjoy it as well. We both really enjoy combat as well and are nice, funny people. In terms of classes, everything is up for discussion.
I'd be interested in playing if you end up doing Fridays, if not then no worries! I have some experience with Dnd and am looking to start playing more often. I've used Roll20 to play before so I can get by on there. I'm open to play whatever class, if you already have people interested in casters I would be down to play a martial class. Let me know if you need any more info!
i can fill in for what we are missing, the only problem i have is i work night shift for my work so i usually dont get home till about 8-9 CST. if you can work with that I'm ok with anything just let me know
Yo, I’m kinda new to using roll20 but I have around 2 years of experience. I am free on Friday's and the weekends. Plus I can play any class that the party would be lacking, no spell casters? I can be a bard or a wizard. No close range combatants? Well you got yourself a fighter or barbarian.