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[LFG] Friend and I have never played DnD

We're both 18 and want to play our first game. We've watched streamers play it, somewhat know how to create characters but really want to dive into it and experience it. We both have an idea of what we want to be *character-wise* but im hoping that even though we've never played, we won't hold anybody back. If anybody wants us to join, Msg me on discord - Its In Gel#0024
Hey I know a DM in my group that's looking for players for a new game, shoot me a message on discord @ chemicaldowntown#2161. If you guys are looking to play 5e d&d that is.
Hey, if you're interested I just posted a listing for a Rick and Morty one shot next week and probably the week after (it'll have to be two sessions since it's pretty long). One shots are a great way to get comfortable playing and trying out characters before committing to a big campaign.