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[LFP][D&D][5e][GMT] Experienced roleplayer wanting to give DMing a try


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Hello everyone! I've been wanting to get back into tabletop roleplay for a while now and I've decided to host my own game for the first time in quite a while. I am looking for 2-4 players for a short homebrewed adventure. You will start in one of several small kingdoms on a large island where you have been accepted into the local court. Your task will be to venture into the mountainous north and recover an artifact from the land of barbarous orcs and goblins. The rest of the world/setting will be mostly a blank canvas. If we have a lot of fun doing this short adventure (2-3 sessions worth by my guesstimate) then I will let you choose where to go next, and we will paint the map as you explore. Everything in the player's handbook is kosher (barring a few exceptions like Create Food & Water), and anything from the supplements can be included if you make a good case for it. The style of game will be minimalistic. There will be some handouts and maps, but most of the game will be played through die rolls and narration. The tentative plan is to start playing on sun the 23rd at 16:00 GMT, I would also like to have a session 0 with all the players some time before that. As I envision it we play for 2 hours, have a small break to eat and then continue for 1 hour more. If you have any questions, please ask them here or send a PM to me. If you are interested, then I would like you to: 1) Briefly describe yourself and your gaming / roleplaying experience.     What do you usually play? Do you have a favorite kind of character?     What expectations do you have of a D&D game?     What style of roleplay games do you prefer? Action / RP heavy? 2) Briefly describe what kind of stories you enjoy.     Do you like stories with lighter or darker themes?     Is there any particularly enjoyable roleplay sessions you've had before? 3) Share any other information that you think might be pertinent.     Does the choice of time/day work in general for you? Please post any replies here on this thread. Thank you for your time Arky
1- im an 18 y/o hardcore gamer i usually play LOL bcz pc  dosnt support good games so i just recently got interested and found out about DND and im eager to give it a go i belive im good at roleplaying i will definetly follow the personality i give my charecter i didn't yet get a chance to experience a game of DnD  for style im flexible 2- i prefer darker themes but im ok with anything sadly no experience yet 3- i have a charecter but im always ready to create a new one to fit the story im flexible  i can be online at ( UTC+1 time zone) Mon-Tue-Fri-Sunday 3pm-11pm Wed: might not be enough time for a session since i come home at 7:30pm and might be tired and sleep early Thur: 6pm-11pm Sat: 3pm-3am
forgot to say: i usually don't check forumes so if i fit your lobby DM me at discord: THE BRUH GUY#4550 Or FB: Ayman Afaki ( Ricardo pic )
i can throw in. i am an experienced gm and could give tips as you go. 1) i have been playing all sorts of rpgs for 11 years starting with pathfinder and deadlands. since then i have dm'd many many games and and just finished a long running 2.5 year campaign. when it comes to dnd i usually like to play high skill based characters and mobile classes like rogue and monk. particularly for dnd 5e i thoroughly enjoy the rogue. the expectations i have for you as a dm when it comes to a dnd game is to focus on the roleplay more than the combat. dig deep into the characters that you create so that you can embody them when the party interacts with them. this is the best way to make an enjoyable story for your players to be a part of. 2) I have been a part of every kind of fantasy and historical fiction narrative you could think of but there is always something new to see, some new perspective. i do have a preferance towards darker themes, things that challenge me not just in morality but also in out of the box thinking. a little bit of comedy thrown in every once in a while never hurts either. 3) i know most of the rules of dnd 5e very well. been playing since the beta tests. i am also a disabled veteran with nothing but time on my hands so scheduling should be easy enough for my part.
47 He Played a fair amount of D&D back in the 80's-90's just restarted playing last year at Gencon. Have played Shadowrun, Warhammer Fantasy, Numenera, Gurps, Star Frontiers, Gamma World, Twilight 2000 (yes I'm old), probably some others. I definitely prefer RP heavy with some combat thrown in. This requires the players to be role players though, as I have seen most DMs do a pretty good job at this, most. My favorite character is the sneaky scout/rogue, but I also enjoy Druids using nature to fight back against evil. I haven't tried other classes but would probably like many of them also. And I very much like dark themes, but nothing perverted. I would love to find a group where all the players and the DM like to roleplay. Where I feel like I am actually interacting with a Cleric of Brell, a Druid of Darkwood, etc and not just a sheet of paper with some stats on it. I want to feel like I am living in your world for a few hours, with other characters that fit that world and seem alive. To me, this is the most fun part of the game. Assuming of course the other player isn't playing a murder hobo, party griefing, pedophile "that's what my character would do!". I am EST so if I did my math right that would start at 11am my time. That would be ok for me. A couple of hours later would be better but I could make do. And thank you for your time Arky. Good luck on your journey of being a GM!
Hi! I'm Marco and i'm 27 years old. I've always loved rpg games in every forms, at table and also videogames. I've played few campaigns as a player (D&D 3.5) and 3 long campaigns as a GM (5E). I usually like to play characters not so much physical, i also like to use a little of magic! By the way i only want to play and have fun, so i'm versatile. I think in a D&D game, the most important thing is cooperation in the party! I really like to fight, but also love resolve some puzzles and moments of pure rpg. I prefer stories that alternate dark moments with some light scenarios.. i think that few style changes sometimes let the game more fresh and less monotonous. I enjoyed many adventures in the past, and all of them were different: from the dark cursed castle with zombies to the christmas themed adventured in the Jack Frost village out of time. The key, for me, is ever "free your fantasy and have fun with others!" (but always following the rules, or it become a mess, i speak as GM :D ). In this period i'm free from monday to friday from 4.00PM to 7.00 - 8.00PM GMT+0. On sunday sometimes i'm free from 4.00PM but other times i can arrive late, about 4.30 - 5.00PM. There is a last thing: as you can see, my english is not perfect (especially spoken) but i think and hope it is enough to play :D Anyway, i'm improving that! I leave here my discord: Quiquoqua#3618. Se you soon!!
If you arnt able to get your campaign working well enough feel free to DM me. i am looking for a DM for my own homebrew world. we have the players we just need the DM lol. My Discord is GrimSenpaii#7260 if you are interested. we will help you out since you want to try out DM'ing (2 of us Co-DM)
Hi 1. I'm 17. I'm a gamer, nothing serious, i just play for fun. I recently got into DnD. i've only played once, my character is a halfling rogue, but i don't have any preferences. i just play for fun so i'm ok with anything. i'm fine with any style. 2. i don't have any preferences.( just don't be to dark, like <=8/10 is ok) 3.I have 2 prepared character, but i can create a new one for this campaign. the time is ok, it's about 11 pm in where i live . Thanks.