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Macro bar cannot be changed


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Pay no attention to the title.  This is about the macro MENU, not bar. I have macros in my macro menu and when I double click on them it opens the macro to alter, delete, or test it.  I have several macros in the list that when I double click on them nothing happens so I cannot open them to edit the macros.  When I use the macro it works fine, but I cannot open it to edit.  Any ideas??
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Are these in a game where you are the creator/GM, or are you a player?
Hey Omegaman - Would you mind providing me with the exact name of the game in question, please? I'll pop in to see if anything seems off!
Apocalypse is the game.

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Roll20 Team
Hey Omegaman - Apologies I forgot to ask this earlier - also what are the names of the macros within that game that you've noticed this issue occur with?
Macros that don't open Character, Condition-Report, Initiative, Note, Player-Menu, Social, Statblock
Hey Omegaman - What are in most of these macros? Are they related to the API perchance?
Yes, they have api references.  I use them to manage the game.  Change tokens, make checks, etc.
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Omegaman, PM sent.
Yes thank you Keith.  I am reviewing it now.