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[LFP][Pathfinder-1e] Eternal Lie: Secrets, Strangers & Sanity

The realm of Ustalav is a cursed land full of mystery and misery in equal portions. The days are bleak and foggy keeping the cleansing sun away from the monsters who wait for the darkness of night to stalk the lands. Even beyond the material threats, such as the corpses of men left unburied that now wander the wilderness or pale vampiric aristocrats who hunt at their leisure, the immaterial is just as damning.  Hidden religions pray to beings not divine, twisting themselves in their fervor. Neighbors and friends that are wary of outsiders, wondering if they could be predators of countless sorts. Curses that run rampant through time and space, even the best scholars left wondering their origin or purpose.  However dark Ustalav may seem, a land of pain or suffering, to those who truly know the area and its history they are aware that is not the whole truth. Countless tales of gilded heroes, shining exemplars of justice have taken place in the gloomy lands of Ustalav. It was here that a crusade fought the Archlich Tar-baphon. It was here that a group of heroes laid down there life to stop the Blue Dragon of Belkzen.  ================================================================================== On the 17th day of Calistril, a travelling merchant with need to head southeast along the coast of Avalon bay, gave word to the Worker's guild. He informed them of his plan to travel and his desperate need for men at arms, willing to earn decent gold protecting him from the horrors of Ustalav. Ten days passed before the Worker's guild had gathered warriors and mages willing to take the job. That was the start of this most recent Ustalavan tale of heroics. Unfortunately as any resident of Ustalav will tell you, epics written in the Immortal Principality are often closer to dramas or tragedies than what bards sing in brighter places. This is your story of stumbling into a world of danger and intrigue. Time-slot: Thursdays @ 6:30pm CST -11:30pm Setting: Golarion Style: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Horror I am a GM who prefers a good narrative background, enjoying players who are skilled in improv or character acting. I enjoy players who can create a character voice and make that character feel alive. Post a small character idea tidbit and I will choose based on what is presented, preferring flavor to mechanics. Feel free to ask any questions here or message me.  
I would play a cleric sent here by his faith to help the suffering and to cleanse the land of it's foul curse. He would stop at nothing to right this wrong.
Castien Van Zyl is a Wizard who has spent his life on the run from a family that wants only to turn him into another weapon for their arsenal. After faking his own death his teenage years were spent on the streets, eking out a meager living with other urchins; but it was here that his true passion came to light, cooking. Over time he was able to prepare delectable meals from the scraps his small band of friends were able to bring together, they ate well most nights, and occasionally made a few coin feeding random travelers who followed their nose to a delightful feast. It was from one of these travelers that Castien learned of the Workers Guild, who always seemed to be hiring and paid well for people who could handle themselves on potentially dangerous jobs. With the drive to look after his friends, and a newfound dream of opening up his own restaurant, Castien put his name in at the guild in hopes he could earn some decent money.
Murphy Walton grew up with stories of his mother's exploits as an adventurer. Her heyday has passed, and she settled down to retire comfortably on an orchard with Murphy's father. She taught Murphy how to wield a sword to defend himself from the dangers lurking in the wilderness, but she never wanted him to live the kind of life that she did. Adventure called to him, however, and his mother reluctantly gave him her old sword and shield to get him started and to remember her by. Murphy quickly learns that adventure isn't nearly as glorious as the stories made it sound. Protecting people is in his blood, though, and he'll be damned if he gives up without a fight.
I have a question, is voice acting from players a must?
Louger has taken up adventure later in life after his family was killed by a gang of ghouls.   He has changed his view on fighting since older and has adopted the new contraption called a musket.   Louger has focused barrel on the undead and has specialized in destroying them.   Even with the determination of destroying the foul undead, one still has earn some coin to eat and buy supplies.   Caravan protector is easy enough. Hey :)  Yea, playing a suspicious old timer from Varno county of Ustalav.  Graveslinger archetype.   Feel free to contact me on discord @ Arelius11#8080