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Duplicated Character Names


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This is a fairly small suggestion that would save a lot of minor annoyances from piling up I think. Right now when you duplicate a Character Sheet, it renames it to "Copy of <Character Name>."  This can be quite annoying when making several copies of a character for threats, etc. My suggestion is effectively to instead rename the sheets "<Character Name> ##" with a number that continues to increase if the name is redundant.  i.e.: Thug Thug 01 Thug 02 Thug 03 Instead of:   Thug Copy of Thug Copy of Thug Copy of Thug Anyway, I think this would save tons of little annoyances throughout GM'ing, esp when you want to spin a copy off of a stock character.  While it's a quick edit having to do it over and over again can be quite cumbersome in a hurry.
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That would be nicer, indeed. +1 Every time I start a new RPG on here...  New-Character(PlayerNameHere)-01 New-Character(PlayerNameHere)-02 New-Character(PlayerNameHere)-03 New-Character(PlayerNameHere)-04 New-Character(PlayerNameHere)-05
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