Greetings! This morning we pushed code with the following changes: Character Sheets D&D 5e by Roll20 More fixes for missing images in the character sheet. Pathfinder 2 by Roll20 Now has a grayscale color scheme available. Licensed Products Dialect: Updated Archetype deck name Storm King's Thunder Patch 2.4 Removed Global Illumination on Ironslag maps Reduced excessive nameplates from groups of monsters larger than 3 for the following maps: Nightstone, Dripping Caves, Zephyros' Tower, Goldenfields, Triboar, Beorunna's Well, Grandfather Tree, Morgur's Mound, One Stone, Shining White, Stone Stand, Old Tower, Eye of the Alkl Father, Grudd Haug Upper/Lower, Deadstone Cleft, Svardborg, Svardborg Lodges, The Krigvind, Ironslag Upper/Lower, Lyn Armaal Lvl 1/3-6, Maelstrom level 2/3, Grand Dame, Morkoth, and Lymorth's Lair 1/2 Replaced over-sized Ice Mephit on Svardborg Lodges map. The most recent community roundtable was Thursday, February 6 .   Catch the video  here ! Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the helpdesk , or check out the  most recent note  here.