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Combine thread notifications in inbox

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Problem: I find myself logging in to tens and sometimes hundreds of notifications, many of which are for the same forum or PM thread (this is due to running PBP campaigns). The only (easy) way I've discovered to sift through them is to dismiss each notification, one by one, until whittled down to just one per forum so I know where to go look. Proposed solution: Provide one notification per forum that has activity and does not already have an active notification for that forum. Show the number of unread messages in that forum instead of the author. When clicked, the notification should take you to the first unread message in that forum and then dismiss itself (assuming the stretch goal below is not implemented). Stretch goal: As you load pages with unread messages, only that many should be removed from the unread message count - that way if you miss that there's a next page in the forum, you will still show as having unread messages. Once all unread messages have appeared on a page viewed by the user, the notification self-dismisses.
Yes, please! In high traffic threads this gets tedious to scroll past.
Totally agree with what Loremir has said I really do wish you guys would revamp the the way you distribute the mail around here or at least move the dismiss all bar a few inches to the left.
Great suggestion! I vote YES!
Absolute Yes vote from me! Complex simplicity is the intrinsic keystone to life, the universe and dolphinic existentialism...
Defo. I've requested the same myself before. This deserves a an upvote!
Absolutely YES! ❤️ 
Yes, please! This will definitely smooth engagement for forums/threads.
Andreas J.
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Yeah, bundling up notifications from each thread would be great, the current method is making me subscribe to far fewer threads, as I don't want to get flooded with them if one of the popular threads becomes active again.

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+1, upvote and a big yes from me as well!.  at + 14 right now
+1 upvote here,make it happen!
Make this happen, make something different to the notifications.
i agree with   them
I just upvoted this I don't know how many we need but we're currently at 19 so if we get one more it will be an even 20 upvotes :-)
Upvote 20. Wish granted T.
Andreas J.
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Today when I opened Roll20 was an perfect example, I saw 8 notifications, but it was only from two threads, 7 from this, and one message from another one. Would have been much more clear if I just had two notifications, where the one from following this thread maybe listed the number of new replies, and the names of maybe the last three people to keep it from getting too crowded.
Yes! By the gods YES!
Yes. Another vote for you and this great idea
Yes please... Sometimes I open Roll20 and see 40/50 notifications from the same discussion