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[WotC] D&D Adventurers League Bug Thread


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Roll20 Team
Thank you for purchasing a D&D Adventurers League adventure! Quick Guide Accessing your content Module Adventurers League adventures are modules . To create a new game based off of the module, click on the Start New Game option from the site menu. The column on the right-hand side of the page is titled Optional: Choose a Module. Underneath this are thumbnail tiles for all the various Roll20 modules that are available. For the ones you have purchased, mousing over the thumbnail will make a checkmark icon appear over the thumbnail tile. Clicking on the tile will select this module to be used as the base for this new game. Which Character Sheet should I use? All Wizards of the Coast licensed content on Roll20 uses the D&D 5E by Roll20 sheet. Bug Reporting Guide To help us find the best solution to any issues that may occur with your purchased content, please fill out as many of the following as are applicable when making a report: A short, detailed description of the problem What is the issue, How is it affecting your game, What is happening, What should happen? Clear and concise information is the most helpful in seeking out solutions Copy-paste any error codes received Include screenshots of the issue 
Hello the 2 maps advertised for this module are not showing in the tabs on top only start and token page. On the other module the first one they do show.
Also the previous module includes an regional area map as well that this one does not.
Finally maybe it will be best if you could add each subsequent module as an addon to the first one.
Roll20 Team
Hi Victor - Thank you for the report! The product description has been updated as Season 9, Episode 2 has no maps. Each adventure is produced with the exact assets give to us by Wizards of the Coast We recommend using the Character Vault to move characters between Adventurers League modules. As there is no expectation of backtracking in Adventurers League and there are many adventures planned for the season, we did not want games to become unmanageable with putting in that many addons.
After more reading I was suspecting that was the case.  Thanks =).

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Dror Rapaport
When I tried to create a new game with the DDAL09-02 module I got this error (And an empty game):  An error occured while adding D&D Adventurers League Season 9 - 02 Stopped at the Gate to this game: * no implicit conversion of nil into String
Roll20 Team
Dror - This morning, after some overnight optimizations, we found that several functions related to those optimizations were not working. We have now fixed the issue, and apologize for interrupting your game. If your issue continues, please comment in the  official bug thread . Thanks for your feedback and patience while we continue to scale up to meet demand!
The landing page for DDAL09-03 is not correct. Instead of listing the title of Hungry Shadows it lists ddal09-02 Stopped at the gate. 
Am I the only one who feels that the Chase Complications tables in 9-2, 9-3, 9-4 and 9-5 could/should have been made into macro referenced rolltables too?  A way of rolling the damage in the complications where applicable would be nice too. And while beautifully reproduced, is there some reason why we're expected to use 2 multi-image rolltable tokens via their sliders for distances in the Chase chart instead of just having a text box/field in each?  I know what's there isn't quite a bug, more an overly clumsy feature. Crazy Squirrel said: The landing page for DDAL09-03 is not correct. Instead of listing the title of Hungry Shadows it lists ddal09-02 Stopped at the gate.  +1
Roll20 Team
Crazy Squirrel and Michael - Thank you for your reports! See patch notes below, and I'll make note of your other feedback for future production projects. Hungry Shadows (D&D Adventurers League 09-03) Patch 1.1 Game landing page image now reflects correct module.
DDAL09-04 Seems to be missing a battle map for when the Duke is shot.  There's one for the warehouse and cultist area
Roll20 Team
Philgo - I just took a look over Day of the Devil, and the Roll20 module includes both of the maps included within the published adventure. You are, of course, free to upload your own battle map for the purposes of that encounter!
DDAL09-05 Faces of Fortune:  The text in the Overview doesn't match the all the Objective folders.
Roll20 Team
Philgo - Thank you for your report! I'll make a ticket and pass this along to the appropriate team.
Any timeline of doing the next few Tier 2 Season 9 Adventure League Content - DDAL09-09 Ruined Prospects, DDAL09-10 Tipping the Scales & DDAL09-11 Losing Fai? Thanks, need DDAL09-09 by Sunday 4/26!!!! save me some work.
Roll20 Team
Hi Doug, D&D Adventurers League has a new release every Friday, so this Friday will be Episode 8. Next Friday will be Ep 9!
Roll20 Team
Episode 11 came out today! We will be moving to an every-other-week schedule moving forward with D&D Adventurer's League, and I hope you're all enjoying playing on Roll20!
Ashton said: Episode 11 came out today! We will be moving to an every-other-week schedule moving forward with D&D Adventurer's League, and I hope you're all enjoying playing on Roll20! Just finished running DDAL09-11 Losing Fai - I will say that for the ones that I have ran so far which is DDAL09-03 to DDAL09-11 - I have purchased 4 of them - this is the first one that I have been able to use out of the box so to speak - the maps were there - which for many of the others there are no maps - either in the written printed pages or in roll20 as its mirroring what is there. This was well put together and ran well - I liked it and if this continues in this way I will purchase again. all the others I have have had to basically make maps to run the theater of the mind through to at least have a spot to sit and tell the story - DDAL09-10 I made several maps and there were none in the module - not your fault - it was written that way - but would like a little more value for my $4.99 than what is in the module text and some tokens which I already have. Another big issue specifically with DDAL09-11 Losing Fai - it comes from the way it was written but will state it here again - the potions don't line up in the text about which ones are actually received and where they come from - there are discrepancies about which potion is to be given and no reference for either of those 2 potions in the story text line. I can get more detailed but for the sake of no spoilers will not. If Wizards of the Coast isn't aware of this problem then they are not listening and I suspect they already know but no fix has been pushed out. 
Roll20 Team
Doug - As you know, D&D Adventurers League is created by Wizards of the Coast. Where possible, Roll20 creates updated assets for a better VTT experience, including adding art and tokens. For feedback on adventure content, please contact the D&D Adventurers League. If we are informed of any errata or updates, we will update Roll20 products and you will be prompted to patch your games. Thank you, and I hope you're enjoying playing on Roll20!