Greetings! This morning we pushed code with the following changes: Character Sheets D&D 5e by Roll20: Honor and Sanity attribute toggles in the Game Settings page (outside the VTT). Once enabled, new characters in a game will have these options. You can use the Apply Default Settings button in the VTT (under Experimental Settings) to add these options to tokens that already exist. Fixed some more missing images Dropping a +1 Warhammer onto a sheet works correctly now Updated Reliable Talent to align with current rules guidance  Charactermancer: "Choose a Feat" text added Charactermancer: Level 1, backgrounds now add gold Improved code health Licensed Products D&D 5e Compendium Iron Golem Poison Breath action recharge text updated (MM & SRD) Gorgon condition immunities updated (MM & SRD) Bone Devil challenge rating and experience updated (MM) Dynamic Lighting: Now Testing! As of today, the latest update to Dynamic Lighting is now on the Development Server ! If you're a Pro subscriber, check out  the post in the Pro Forum  for how it works and how you can access and test it! Check It Out! The next community roundtable is Thursday, March 19 at 4 PM PDT. Read about it and submit your questions  here ! The most recent community roundtable was Thursday, February 6. Catch the video  here ! Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the helpdesk , or check out the  most recent note  here.