Topic says it all. Last minute flakes have me scrambling to fill a 4th player spot in this group. Game: Pathfinder, playing Jade Regent. Session: Saturdays at 7PM EST Details: To make everything quick and smooth, people who have played Rise of the Runelords first book will get priority. This is simply because not having to explain the setting will make things quicker. Otherwise, there's going to be some reading to do. I'll work with you to build a character that fits the campaign. This is a roleplay-heavy campaign, so applicants are expected to be comfortable in-character. Please, no min-maxers or powergamers. Core races only, I reserve approval to veto builds. Skype voice required. Current Party: Human Ranger, Gnome Bard, Human Oracle. Someone willing to play a Fighter would not be amiss. We're really rushing to fill this spot before tonight so, please send me a message on Skype, my name is: Askren-