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Bug Thread: Copying games, missing marketplace tokens, modules, add-ons, compendium drops


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Still having the same Problem with purchased content As long as i do not enter anything in the search bar, i am able to manually sift through my marketplace purchases and use the tokens. As soon as i enter a search term however, all my purchased assets are no longer shown in the results. As you can see the search is set to 'everything', so there should not be any reason for my purchases to not show up. This is rather frustrating and currently leading to me not buying any more assets since i would not be able to use them without a ridiculous amount of unnecessary searching on my part. The problem is the same on Chrome and Firefox
I missed this thread earlier, so I made my own, shame on me. But there is an issue with copying the game, the game turns up blank without anything in it. We had a similar issue months ago, but it sorted itself out. Here's the thread I made, and the original post: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Hey there, this is a problem that has occurred in the past for the same roll20 game, it's a rather large (player &amp; sheet wise) West Marches game which we have previously thought was the cause but the last time it "sorted itself out" after a few months. This is the game in question:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> As for the exact problem: The owner of the game makes a copy as you do normally. The copy gets made, but it ends up looking like this (completely empty): As opposed to the original game: Last time there was back and forth with support, and the answer the (Pro) owner got was "It works fine on our end". But it obviously did not work for us. And then we deleted roughly half of our maps and cleaned out lower CR sheets, it still didn't work. A week or so later, another DM from the game posted a thread here, and after a while it seemed to be working again. But yes, any help would be appreciated, as not being able to make a copy of a game that large is a bit of an issue, and since it is a West Marches, being able to run sessions at the same time on two different copies is quite handy.
Hi! Likewise, only just saw this thread. Some of the free assets (I think from the Cthulhu and Pathfinder sample modules I had picked up) have vanished from the library.
Was the Compendium Drop resolved? I am still having issues with it.&nbsp;
Are the Addons (free and purchased) only available for premium users? I am a free user (but I do have purchased content) and I am unable to get any of my addons to show up in my game. I can access Token Sets without issue.
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we are having a lot of issues with the compendium drop on one character, a couple of times i duplicated it and that seemed to have fixed it keeps coming back, always on the same one, sometimes with the equipment, sometimes with spells, sometimes with both... now it's back and not working at all, even copying the character doesn't seem to fix it. using the standard 5e sheet
Also, roll20 is extremely slow, and using pathfinder char sheets - it will hang, or just stop working in the middle of the edits I'm trying to make to a char sheet.&nbsp; Overall, roll20 continues to be problematic when it comes to lag/slowing down.&nbsp; Is there any fix in the works for this? I keep seeing people remark "its been resolved" but it isn't resolved in the least. I'm a pro user, but have been looking elsewhere for more performant online table tops.&nbsp; Please get this resolved, it is starting to have a bad impact on my game.
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I can't speak to general lag, since there are many possible reasons and solutions, but lags while entering info in a character sheet are an oft-reported issue that can be resolved by turning off autofill and auto-complete in the browser settings. I have seen this more often with Firefox than Chrome.
Keithcurtis, super appreciated information! I will try those fixes.&nbsp; Hopefully it'll help!