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Allow players to search through the journal

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It would be a really nice feature, especially for games with lots of handouts and characters visible to players. In the vast majority of games I played in, characters are organized in folders and subfolders, so, to find one you could have to open lots and lots of folders even if you know the character's name. So it would be lovely to have this feature available to players and not only to GMs.
Very good idea!
wow amazing !!!
It actually makes sense to allow the players to search through the journal....  I often find myself drowning in handouts, and such a feature would come in really handy
I was shocked when I found out this was not already this case. Since I can search the journal as GM, the functionality already exists.
Yeah Just found out a week ago that my players didn't have the search bar the GM have. Our game would run more smoothly with a search bar for everyone
The great price would be to be able to make a full-text search. And expand closed folder in case of a hit.
Yes Please.  Note that there are already hundreds of requests for this feature going back years that have been closed out. Please add them to the count of votes for this feature. Just search for " Player Journal Search
Yes.  This would be a welcome addition.
This would be cool. I would love to have my players able to search thought the handouts I have shown them.
Please do it. I just found out last Saturday, that my Players cannot do this like me, as GM. Couldnt believe, why not!
Please Give my players the search option. I spent a lot of prep time for this campaign, making tags and such so that players could look up information quickly, only to click the view as player option and see they can't search Journals. They can open and try to find anything manually but no quick search. What was the point of all those tags?
I see this post is more than 2 years old. Has anyone from the Roll20 team addressed this suggestion. I was very shocked when I found out that players cannot search the Journal like Dms can. This is really a must feature.
Forum Champion
It has not been addressed by Roll20 that I know of. Sometimes when a Suggestion thread gets to +100 or +200 votes, that can trigger a response in here. Sometimes sooner.  Prus said: I see this post is more than 2 years old. Has anyone from the Roll20 team addressed this suggestion. 
This would definitely be a good feature.  My players have a lot of handouts and finding them in the Journal can be daunting.
I found myself very surprised that all the tagging I did was basically useless for my players. +1
Cornelius F.
Compendium Curator
An absolutely great idea, as my players are in the middle of a quite extensive whodunit -campaign and they sometimes need to scroll through literally hundreds of handouts, notes and NPCs.
Yes, this is a very easy feature that would benefit to a lot of players. Please rRoll20
Sheet Author
Yeah, since I am a gm that give handouts in bulk (for example I make handouts for the spells the players have, so they don't have to search a certain spell in the books) and have a few games with LOTS of characters, that would surely make it a lot easier: "were is he, I can't find him" - me searching, showing to players - "oh thanks" just costs time and often breaks my concentration. And it should be so easy to make this available. The only "problem" I see here is tags; either you have to exclude players from tags, or allow gms the option to create seperate lists of "player tags" and "gm only tags".
^^All of this please. I was surprised this was not already available. Not having this function for players inhibits GMs creativity and new players engagement. Please.
Yes Yes Yes!
Team Roll20 please do this trivial feature.
Better question is why wont they make it visible to the players? To make an already working function visible is close to no work. Shame.

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Not exactly an ideal solution but thought I'd mention that the awesome Scriptomancer, The Aaron , has a script for this you can add to your game if you're a pro subscriber: Github link:&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> It allows for a text search of handouts, character sheets, you name it. A very cool script which I use in my games.
Definetly would love a Search bar for my players.&nbsp; Would make things so much easier!
+1, I can't believe that I never noticed that player's can't search. That seems such an obvious thing to want to do.
+1&nbsp;&nbsp; Just got done with a 3 year campaign.&nbsp; Even with folder organization, finding a particular handout by the end was time consuming.&nbsp;&nbsp;
Please give players the ability to search, I'm using folders, links to other handouts, etc. and players still want to be able to search. We finally started using tools outside roll20 such as OneNote that the players have access to and can search just because the functionality has been asked for time and time again.&nbsp; Would love to have everything in one place and be searchable.&nbsp;&nbsp; Players should be able to search based on items they have access to.
Adding my voice to the mix. I love so many of the recent changes to Roll20, especially as a GM. As a player though, wow. Right now the way it works in my games is if a player is having trouble finding a handout, they ask me to search for it and show it because I can do it much more easily. So there is a workaround, but it is disruptive to the game for me to have to be on call for this at any moment.
Totally agreed, been 4 years now, would be great to see the feature finally
I literally just realized the players didn't have this. I've been tagging these handouts for nothing. Please God, let's get this implemented.