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Token question

Hi, played for decades but new to Roll20.I purchased the Saltmarsh module (ran it in '81!)  I'm just about getting to grips with the basics. I'm looking at an area on the first "dungeon map" where there are npcs who may be in one of two locations depending on the characters behaviour. The tokens have been place in both in the pre prepared map but i can seem to select them in either location - they are illuminated differently to the normal "single location tokens". Anyone know whats going on here and how I can select/use thosre tokens? Thanks, Jeff
Those tokens are on the GM Info layer. See more on the layers here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
The nice thing about this is that the players don’t see things that you place on the GM layer. &nbsp;So even those without pro perks can have all the mobs already on the map ready to go and just move them to the token layer when you need them.
Ah, got it thanks :-)