Greetings! This morning we pushed code with the following changes: There is now a " Help Center " link in the account dropdown (upper left corner, when you click your name), the welcome page, and on the My Games page. Character Sheets Pathfinder 2 by Roll20 Drag and Drop support for feats D&D 5e by Roll20 Reactions and traits now use "description" instead of "desc" Bugs fixed: Charactermancer Lvl+ - Spellcasting Ability Modifier not setting for Subclasses Spells aren't generating for entries in the Monster Manual Charactermancer Level 1 Feat screen missing i18n strings Charactermancer1: Warlock spell slot not being added Long text in Spell fields are causing formatting issues Charactermancer Level 1 not adding Saves Attack Actions do not display ATK, Damage/Type, and doesn't roll Toggling Roll Type (Advantage, Normal and Disadvantage) causes actions to go into edit mode Level 1 Halfling Speed Error Review slide has wrong content Warlord npc from Volo not dropping Cypher System by Roll20 Attacks now have a distance dropdown Ammo counter now available Licensed Products Ghosts of Saltmarsh Patch 1.4 Drowned Ascetic multiattack added. Castle Ravenloft Map Pack Patch 1.2 Updated dynamic lighting. Master's Vault Patch 1.3 Updated AC for cleric and paladin. Against the Giants (Tales from the Yawning Portal) Patch 1.4 Updated map scale on all maps. Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Adventure Preview Patch 1.1 Typo corrected in Frozen Sick Adventure Summary. Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Patch 1.1 Updated Palma Flora map scale. D&D 5e Compendium Warlord (VGtM) data updated, character sheet will now drop correctly onto VTT Check it Out The most recent community roundtable was Thursday, March 19. Catch the video  here ! Looking for previous  release  notes? Read the  full list on the helpdesk , or check out the  most recent note  here.