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Advanced Fog of War on Overworld Map.

I am currently running curse of strahd and I have the map of barovia set up as an overworld map with a token to represent the entire group and where they move about on the map. I am having difficulty getting the group token on the overworld map to reveal in a way that it does in the example shown in the help center. Currently, with normal fog of war turned on, everything around the token and the light it is emitting is completely black and places that were revealed before return to completely black when the token moves away from that area. when i have normal fog of war turned off, the token emits light as it did with fog of war on, except everything around it is greyed out, as if the token had already explored that area but no longer has sight in it anymore. any help would be greatly appreciated. i am looking for my group token to emit light on the overworld map up to one hex away, and for previously revealed hexes to return to greyed out and explored rather than completely black.
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Can you screenshot what you have set for your page and for the token, and post them. That will make it much easier to try and help. 

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I did the exact thing last night, I set up fog of war over Barovia and plopped down a group party token with vision enabled. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
The problem actually resolved and I am not exactly sure what I did. I saw a similar thread where they said they had tried moving the players page around and I tried doing that, and magically it was working the way I wanted. Perhaps it was just a bug or loading issue on my end.
I'm having a different problem on a map in Forge of Fury, the dragon grotto.&nbsp; The map is somehow on the GM layer and I can't change it.&nbsp; All tokens are grayed out because they are effectively underneath and I can't move them forward or backward or switch layers.&nbsp;