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MIssing/Hidden Tokens in Purchased Module


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I'm another one of those lapsed roleplayers who have recently come to Roll20 in order to help keep my group engaged during COVID-19. I purchased "Cryptic Entry" by Support Class and it looks like a dandy little adventure, and barring some uncooperative a/v issues, have gotten everyone a character and hope to play this Saturday. The problem is that I can't seem to find half of the tokens ; of the eight enemies in the adventure, I can only find four tokens, the ghoulish main villain, a peach, a severed hand and a set of vault armor, already placed in appropriate locations on the map. The missing ones (swarm of bats, ankheg, rust monster and flying sword) don't show up in my Art Library or on the GM layer. and editing the monster entry in the journal shows default token art in place, but with no token to be found. Am I missing a step, or is there someplace else I should be looking for these tokens? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize in advance if I have overlooked something tragically simple!
The Aaron
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They are in the Journal under "Cryptic Entry: Enemies".  Just drag them out by the name (not the icon) and drop them on the map.
Wow, that has sorted me out completely - I am much obliged for your swift, detailed and comprehensive response, friend!