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New-ish Player Looking for Group- Others can comment to join as well

Ive played a few sessions of DnD, but never really finished a full campaign before other players decided to move on to work promotions or other. I never really got much of it down, so im still looking for a group i can finish a campaign with. DM to establish a rough schedule. 
Hey, I'm also looking for a game, and I have two years of 5e experience under my belt playing at least once every two weeks for the whole two years. Interested in playing, but not too comfortable DMing until I know the group. Lets hope we can find a DM
Hello Carrie and ItsAMeMORIO,  I'm David and I am a DM looking for players to join my Warhammer 40k Only War Campaign. In this game, you play as the average citizen doing their duty for the god-emperor of mankind. As of today our meet and greet session on Saturday at 4pm est. We are going to be using a combination of Roll20 and discord for the game to facilitate gameplay and communication. The group is friendly to new players and more than willing to accommodate and teach those who are unfamiliar with the universe. I hope you will both will consider joining my game. You can contact me on my discord: Stormlord21#8414