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Any Macros for quick access to GM Notes or Character Sheets?

I just started GMing on Roll20 during the pandemic here, and one thing that has been slowing down my games has been double clicking on tokens then scrolling down to GM info to read my game notes. Similar issue with quickly accessing NPC/Monster stats. Attacks and saves and such are tied to macros, but sometimes I still need to look at the sheet in whole for that not so often used information. Has anyone made a macro that can show a DM only popup for selected token's GM Notes or Character Sheet? That would be extremely helpful.  Thanks!
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There isn't a way to do that without the API.&nbsp; There are some things you can show from a Character sheet, and you could build a macro around that pretty easily.&nbsp; You could also copy the GM Notes to a token's Bar and reference it there.&nbsp; There's a bunch of tips on things like this here.&nbsp; It's almost entirely geared toward things you can do with a free account: &nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Ok, thanks. Ended up make three...&nbsp; &nbsp;/w gm @{selected|bar2}&nbsp; &nbsp; macros for each bar, then putting my descriptions, GM notes, and treasure in the different bars. Not perfect as it clutters my chat a bit and chat's not the easiest to read long descriptions off of, but I can work with it.
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Another tip is to remember that character sheets, handouts and token settings can be minimized by double-clicking the header. You can keep things close to hand without obscuring your play area.
A token that is associated to a token allows you to shift double click to open the character sheet.&nbsp; So I feel you can get to both pretty quickly.&nbsp; Double click with mouse to open the token info and any notes you put in if needed or more often shift double click to get to that character sheet.
Alt + double click to go straight to the character sheet page, shift + double click takes you to the front page, so alt saves a step.