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[LFM] [D&D 5E] [Tyranny of Dragons ][SAT MST 1pm][Weekly][3 players needed]


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Life sucks, but it happens. I was unable to get to my dm's fora&nbsp; couple weeks, but everything is smooth sailing now. Please send a message here or to private stuff and i will reply quickly. They're level 4 Bard and monk Only a couple chapters in Discord is required for voice UA is fine but as DM i am allowed and reserve the right to change stuff. So, UA needs to be run by me first. K thx bye <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Hey if your still looking for players I'm very interested in joining in. I have been looking for a weekend online game for awhile and yours fits very well into my schedule. I am willing to play any character that may help your current party make up. Please feel free to message me back if you are interested. Thanks!