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New Player LFG

I get the general idea but haven't been in an actual game, I have a character rolled up from D&D Beyond and ready to go just need a group, I also have skype and hangouts.  
I'm also very interested in joining any group willing to get me through the first session and learn the basics.  I have a good grasp of RP concepts due to previous experiences in both WoW and CoC as GM, and I'm willing to play most roles/characters as required by the GM.

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hey would you like to join my discord server, we are friendly, kind and helpful. Any questions, just ask. We are here for you. If you want to Dm a game you have to be level/rank 3 which can be done in 2 days if you talk in the general chat or post memes. [Moderated]

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Our group has some room for at least one more: [Moderated]
Always looking to run WoD for noobs. IM me
My name is Drew, and I am a part of the group GamerShrinks who host regular one-shots every Sunday at 6PM EST for new players.&nbsp; If your interested, here are the listings of some of the games we have going, and feel free to PM me if you wanna join our discord.&nbsp; Happy Adventuring! I host a custom built, home-brewed one-shot campaign that covers every aspect you would need to know/practice to get into a game of DnD in the future.&nbsp; It's basically a DnD tutorial which will cover roleplay, ability checks, combat, exploration, and puzzles.&nbsp; Here is the link in case you are interested:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> We also have an open group with a discord and pre-recordings and streams of current and past campaigns on our stream you can find here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Please feel free to join or send me a PM to connect, and I wish you all the best! - Drew, The Smiling DM
Thank you all for invitations and information i have found a group to play with maybe see you in a future adventure.&nbsp;