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Fog of War/Advanced FoW

I've got both switched on.. When i switch to player mode, i can see player tokens, but when i move my test token about the AFoW doesn't reveal anything.. i still see a black background.. any ideas why the player tokens aren't revealing what they see????
Hello Gareth, have you checked the "has sight" box on your tokens and given them a light radius? That setting had me confused in the beginning.
So i put some figures in the angles, and nothing has changed.. the only way to get rid of the complete blackness is to reveal the area myself as GM.. the characters do not reveal a complete black area as they move through.. you just see the tokens. I thought if you had both on AFoW will reveal the room without me having to reveal areas..
your problem might be having both FoW and aFoW on if you use Advanced Fog of War with Dynamic Lighting you should not have the normal for of war turned on Your settings porbably should look something like this for it to work. i just tested it in my game and when i activated the normal fog of war in addition to the advanced one and dynamic lighting everything went black.