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Simple Macro button to play Song or Sound from Jukebox

Hey Everyone, I've perused some different Jukebox macro posts and tried some codes and nothing has worked for me. I'm just looking to have a macro button in my quick bar that plays a selected song from my Jukebox when I press it, nothing fancy. I'm not good at understanding code, which is probably the issue, so if some one could hold my hand and give me step by step instructions with a simple code perhaps, that would be much appreciated. Thanks

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In order to play music from a macro, you need to have a script installed. The overwhelming winner here is Roll20 Audio Master. It is available for One Click installation from your game's API page. Install the script and run the following macro to update the script's database of audio (It must maintain its interior list for inscrutable programmer reasons): !roll20AM --config,remove !roll20AM --config,import The API page has play instructions, but basically, the macro command is: !roll20AM --audio,play|Name of Track Where "Name of Track" is... the name of the track you want to play. :) The script can do a whole lot more and it's worth puttering around. Note that you will need to run those config instructions every time you make a change to your game's audio, so it would be handy to keep them in a macro.
You sir, have changed my life ;)    Thanks!
Only problem I'm running into now is the quick macro bar doesn't stack, goes off the page... was trying to make a soundboard of sorts. Don't want to have to scroll to get to the sound I want, won't be able to time it right. Any thoughts on solution to give me quick access to a slew of tracks at the click of a button?
Scratch that, just saw your Soundboard script post... diving in!