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Keyboard shortcuts for journal entry movement?

I have made some copies of items in the TOA module, and wanted to move them to the top of the journal, but it seems very cumbersome, and I have to move it up to the top of the screen and then scroll, then move it up again.  are there keyboard shortcuts or ways to do this easier?
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As far as I know, there isn't a way to move things around the journal other than dragging.  I do have a suggestion though.  If you have a lot of handouts like that, I would suggest making an index handout.  You can have the same index handout hold things for your players (assuming you make it visible for them) as well as have indexed links only you can see in the GM notes part of the handout. Linking handouts is extremely simple.  Let's say you have a handout labeled: Room 4 Description.  In your index handout, you would type in [Room 4 Description], and once saved that would become a clickable link that would call up the "Room 4 Description" handout.  Once I have something in an index, I usually archive it so that it isn't cluttering up the journal.  I would recommend always putting a space, comma, or something else after your link before saving, because often times the link seems to follow your cursor through to other lines, forcing you to unlink and redo the link to be able to add additional items later.  Other than that quirk, I highly recommend using an index handout to reduce journal clutter.  You can also link character sheets in the journal (or archived) the same way. Even if you want those specific handouts yo are moving to remain visible, you might be able to get rid of a bunch of others by way of an index.
As Kraynic suggested.  I'd also add that folders are nice.  Here's an example:
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Another tactic is if all the items are near the bottom and you want them near the top, put them in a folder and move the folder to the top,