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Status Indicators: I thought there was a list with names

Michael B.
KS Backer
Trying to make sure a script does what I want and I want to make sure I'm calling the right Indicator
From <a href="https://wiki.roll20.net/API:Objects" rel="nofollow">https://wiki.roll20.net/API:Objects</a> " The full list of status markers that are available (in the same order they appear in the marker tray): "red", "blue", "green", "brown", "purple", "pink", "yellow", "dead", "skull", "sleepy", "half-heart", "half-haze", "interdiction", "snail", "lightning-helix", "spanner", "chained-heart", "chemical-bolt", "death-zone", "drink-me", "edge-crack", "ninja-mask", "stopwatch", "fishing-net", "overdrive", "strong", "fist", "padlock", "three-leaves", "fluffy-wing", "pummeled", "tread", "arrowed", "aura", "back-pain", "black-flag", "bleeding-eye", "bolt-shield", "broken-heart", "cobweb", "broken-shield", "flying-flag", "radioactive", "trophy", "broken-skull", "frozen-orb", "rolling-bomb", "white-tower", "grab", "screaming", "grenade", "sentry-gun", "all-for-one", "angel-outfit", "archery-target" "
i have a simple script I wrote that lets them use macro's to add or subtract their own statuses, but comma seperated lists do not make for good human reading, so I made this.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Put that on the wiki, Bryan! =P
Michael B.
KS Backer
Thanks! I'm trying to get the Status tracker to update dead and bloodied tokens. Bloodied (1/2 HP) is almost working (tints token) but does not add the status icon. Dead is not being applied and the tint is removed. I'll post on the Status Tracker thread as well