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How to delete the contents of my “recent uploads” folder?


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Hi I uploaded a load of small token images (maybe 150ish). They didn’t upload properly and are broke. How do I delete them? I click on them it opens a folder but I just can’t seem to delete?  Thanks for any help.  Edit - also why do my monster manual tokens from my marketplace purchase not appear in my token library on the art tab?  Thanks. 
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You can right click and delete one at a time, or you can click on one and open your Recent Uploads in Folder View (their own subwindow). From there you can make multiple selections and right click to delete those. I have heard reports that you shouldn't select more than 20 or so at a time for mass deletion as Folder View may "forget" earlier selections.
Thanks Keith. I purchased the monster manual. Should the tokens appear on the art tab? I thought I’d be able to search for a monster in token art and my a token would appear ready to drag onto table top, all statted and ready. Is that not the case? thanks

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Anything in the art library is just graphics, totally unattached to character sheets or other data. You are probably thinking of the compendium (the circle with an i in it).  Search for your creature in there, drag the name out on a map, and it will generate an npc sheet and linked token.