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[Script,Snippet] DropTorch -- A little script that lets you and your players drop their light source on the ground.

The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Jon A.&nbsp; &nbsp;had a great idea for a script and asked me about it, so I created it. =D If a token has sight that other players can see, then you can select it (or a whole group) and run: !drop-torch The script will create a little torch token below each selected token, transfer the light radius, light dim radius, and light angle to it, and remove the same from the selected tokens.&nbsp; Tokens with light that isn't visible to other players (i.e. Darkvision or similar) are not changed and don't create a torch token. Note : This works with Legacy Dynamic Lighting (i.e. the Dynamic Lighting we've been using, not the new Updated Dynamic Lighting that's currently in public beta).&nbsp; I'll update this when the UDL API solidifies. Script: on('ready',()=&gt;{ const torchSrc = "<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>"; const dropTorch = (obj) =&gt; { if(obj.get('light_hassight') &amp;&amp; obj.get('light_otherplayers')){ let size = Math.min(parseFloat(obj.get('width')),parseFloat(obj.get('width'))); let torch = createObj('graphic',{ imgsrc: torchSrc, pageid: obj.get('pageid'), layer: obj.get('layer'), controlledby: 'all', width: size, height: size, left: obj.get('left'), top: obj.get('top'), light_otherplayers: true, light_angle: obj.get('light_angle'), light_radius: obj.get('light_radius'), light_dimradius: obj.get('light_dimradius') }); setTimeout(()=&gt;toBack(torch),50); obj.set({ light_angle: 360, light_radius: 0, light_dimradius: 0 }); } }; on('chat:message',(msg)=&gt;{ if('api'===msg.type &amp;&amp; /^!drop-torch(\b\s|$)/i.test(msg.content)){ (msg.selected || []) .map(o=&gt;getObj('graphic',o._id)) .filter(g=&gt;undefined !== g) .forEach(dropTorch) ; } }); });
Forum Champion
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API Scripter
Neat idea. I could have used it tonight.