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[LFP][5e][Fridays 8PM EST] Looking for 3-4 players for a new game


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About us The virus has caused a few issues with our last game, so me (DM) and two other players have decided to start fresh with new players. This is a long-term game, so do not waste your time or our time that is not what you are looking for. If you don't intend to commit to the game even after the virus is gone, please don't bother either - filling players mid game kinda sucks for everyone. We also would like players who invest themselves in the game rather than just sit back and let things flow. Awkward silences are the worst! Combats tend to be harder than your average game, so if you're the type to give up easily or throw insults at the GM for "trying to cause a party wipe", this won't be a good fit. If you are easily offended, this won't be a good fit either; the players in the game have been playing with me for a year or more, so we like to tease each other. Also, I'm a terrible person, but I still want everyone to have a good time. When people have fun, it motivates me to create content and make games entertaining. The World of Midgard The age of heroes is dead, and the bridge to glory is broken— Bifrost fell long ago. The world is lost in an age of war, of dark wilderness and lost empires sunk beneath the waves. Only magic and the warmth of hope keeps lights aglow when dread things prowl and the priestly wardings shake, bent by hideous demonic rage. In this dark time, new heroes must arise to claim the crowns of Midgard, and restore the jewels to her scattered thrones. New heroes must lead a return to glory!  The campaign will be held in the Midgard setting by  Kobold Press  with homebrew modifications to the politics and magic set in the world. New races Midgard is home to various races that aren't available in a normal d&d 5e game set in the forgotten realms setting. This is your chance to explore the kingdoms as a  centaur , or perhaps a  trollkin  or even a  ravenfolk ! This new world lets your pick one of the following new races amongst all the others published by WOTC (with my approval): - Alseid - Centaur - Dragonkin - Ghoul - Kobold - Minotaur - Ravenfolk - Shadow fey - Trollkin A new system based on reputation The Midgard setting also introduces a new optional rule which we will be using in this campaign: the  status  rule. Your actions have consequences and are reflected on your status number which helps to determine your reputation and your influence in certain areas. The Midgard world is very vast and each of the seven kingdoms have a different view on status. A certain city may have fought through slavery and have had all the nobles thrown out and as a result, those who are more wealthy will be frown upon or even kept from entering the city. In other places, such as in the Northlands, honor means  everything . Rules Most rules are RAW aside from one special rule to keep things realistic when it comes to deaths. We will be using Critical Role's resurrection rules found  here  and the 3-strike rule where if you go down 3 times in a same fight, you are considered dead. As for character creation, these will be the guidelines: - Characters will start at level 1-3 (TBD) - Stats will be rolled (won't be lower than a standard 27-point buy) - Starting equipment is your class and background's equipment - You also get to roll your starting gold for your class - Status will be rolled as 1d6 + 1 (before class and race adjustments) Additional info & applications  This is a  weekly  game. The  game is held on  Fridays at 8PM EST  and lasts 3-4hours. If you are interested, please send me a private message  with the following format: - Name: - Age:  - Timezone: - Roleplay experience: - A bit about yourself: - Discord: If you have any  questions  or simply wish to talk, feel free to send me a message.
- Name: Ben Ferguson      - Age: 18 - Timezone: CST - Roleplay experience: Never serious roleplay but want to get into it - A bit about yourself:  Played dnd for 4ish years with some buddies but the quarantine got in the way of things. Looking for an online group to play with longterm. As of general interests, its physics and jazz piano.  Discord: benja732#6792
- Name: Nikolas - Age: 22 - Timezone: MDT - Roleplay experience: I have played 5e for about a year now.  - A bit about yourself: Fantasy has always been my favorite form of fiction. I fell in love with the genre when I was six or seven and my parents read an illustrated edition of the Hobbit to me. From then on It has been part of my life to varying degrees. I stopped reading as much once I finished high school. Now I am slowly ramping back up to that level. My favorite author at the moment is Brandon Sanderson. My favorite book, mostly do to recency  bias, is Dune. I am also an avid fan of comic books.  As a player I have only recently found my footing. Now that I have found my Rp legs I am trying to push my self to use them as much as possible. This campaign sound like a good opportunity to do that. I am also rather laid back and have a thick skin. - Discord:  Leto Atreides I#5510
This sounds very interesting! - Name:  Vherstinae - Age: 29 - Timezone:  US Eastern - Roleplay experience:  13+ years of playing and DMing D&D from 3.5 all the way to 5e, as well as Pathfinder and other games. I'm always looking for cool new concepts and I'm excited to look through these new races and see if anything sparks an idea. - A bit about yourself:  I usually like playing intelligent or charismatic characters with a bit of a sarcastic streak, typically reluctant or unsuspecting heroes who just want to make a profit and end up becoming genuine good guys. The ruthless crusader is another archetype I like: kind and polite to everyone, except his enemies whom he destroys with extreme prejudice. - Discord:  Saluriel#4063
Still taking applications!
- Name: Bryan Frazier - Age: 26 - Timezone: US Eastern Standard Time - Roleplay experience: I have been playing Pathfinder for the last 6 years. My only real experience with 5e was playing in a campaign for a couple of months shortly after it had came out 6 years ago; although I have the first three core rule books. - A bit about yourself: I have both been a player and a DM, and I am currently looking to be a player in a campaign. I had to end the last campaign I was involved in three months ago, due to starting a new job and moving over two states. Despite my love and interest in TTRPGs, I do not watch or listen to any kind of TTRPG podcasts; if any references or jokes are made involving them, they will totally go over my head.  - Discord:  Bryan#2836
Name: Ryan Age: 25     Time Zone: M standard Roleplay EXP: a shit load on different systems including 5th so can help less knowledgable players A bit about myself: looking to be a player im in the army getting out soon, im adaptable and can play any thing the party needs, any questions just ask my discord is Noobamphetamine#2674
We still have one spot open.
- Name: Jack - Age: 22 - Timezone: Pacific Time - Roleplay experience:      Started with 4e in highschool. quickly became more interested in wargaming for a while, so I'm definitely pumped for some good, tactical, combat. I'm mainly playing 5e in all my groups at the moment, but I really enjoy the 40K RP system, and Vampire: the masquerade. I think the most fun moments are the ones where everyone's on the edge of their seat, and when the dice fall where they may, everyone's still having a good time. I usually play as support characters. That often involves a big front line bruiser who can keep their buddies safe or a caster who lets the strikers hit harder. in terms of RP I can do whatever. I like taking a few basic ideas and letting a character emerge, based on that, from how they react to the challenges a life of adventure will throw at them. - A bit about yourself:     I'm supposed to graduate from college in July. I've spent a lot more time with tabletop games since the pandemic, but outside of that I enjoy going to the gym and vibing with the homies. - Discord:  Ashtar#3340
- Name: Minta - Age: 30 - Timezone: EST - Roleplay experience: I play quite a few 5e mods :) - A bit about yourself: I am based in Maine and love to play D&D. I usually play full casters, although I'm pretty flexible. I like to have a fun, playful balance of RP and Combat, and really enjoy creating worlds with folks. - Discord:  Mint#7199
Not sure if you're still looking for an additional person, but if you are, please consider the following: - Name: Nate - Age: 28 - Timezone: Central - Roleplay experience: I've played pen and paper DND since I was about 12 - A bit about yourself: I've been playing a few online campaigns recently and I'm looking to play a bit more often. I've been playing video games online for the majority of my life, so good-hearted teasing and a thick skin come naturally, especially in an environment like DND. My work schedule varies heavily so there is a possibility(depending on when you plan to start) that I may be an hour late to the first session, but after that shouldn't have any issues. - Discord:  Aynek#2590
- Name: Ben - Age: 21 - Timezone: EST - Roleplay experience: I've done a few campaigns that lasted a year. The mains ones were in 5e, pathfinder, and full homebrew. - A bit about yourself: I'm a pretty relaxed kind of person that gets excited about learning about the world my character is placed in. It has been a couple of years since I've been in a full game due to a break up between two players in my original game group and I am looking to get back into a consistent game. I typically play some kind of caster class but I am willing to fill whatever is needed in the party. Overall looking a game to have fun in and hang out. - Discord:  Thundersword112#9031