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dynamic lighting glitch

Hello everyone, I have a small issue with how dynamic lighting works.  I run roll20 with firefox and at times with chrome.  I have a small dungeon setup in which I used dynamic lighting for the first time.  I asked a few friends to go inside so they could tell me how it looked like to them. They all informed me that they had various distances they could see (which I did so each would be different). Corners blocked and doors blocked line of sight as intended.  All this worked as it should, but one of them mention that if they selected their token and moved around the map, they would be able to see those areas as well, but I could not tell they were moving their token as they never "dropped" the token on a different square. So one question and one suggestion... question, can dynamic lighting and fog of war work in conjunction with each other?  If so, this would make it so that thought the PCs (or the tokens associated with them) an see a certain distance out, I could still block view of certain areas. Suggestion if above is a negative... Make it so the lighting effect stays static on the map till token is moved and released by the player. In other words, if the PC picks up token and moves thru-out the map, the light source is either turned off or stays at last known point until the time the PC drops the token on a new location.  This would prevent PCs from roaming the map and seeing what is around. Thanks for any insight on the subject
Check out&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and read about the "Only Update On Drop"
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To add to what Eric said,&nbsp; Fog of War and Dynamic Lighting already work in conjunction with each other. Turn both on and then clear the areas that you wish them to see when they have line of sight.&nbsp; Example: Using Fog of War I black out the entire map. Then I clear the room they start in. As they move through the map I clear the general area they are moving into. The Dynamic Lighting controls what they can actually see for the areas I have cleared. - Gauss
Awesome, I think I have it working for me. &nbsp;In my case what I did and hopefully it is correct is that I enabled fog of war, dynamic lighting, and enable on drop. &nbsp;This seemed to do what I was going for. &nbsp;Many thanks &nbsp;:-)