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Tutorial Bugs


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Hullo! I am new to Roll20 and was going through the Tutorial to better understand how I can run my own game virtually. Ran into a couple bugs (I'm on an old 17" MacBook Pro using Chrome, so not the most relevant/common user): Page Toolbar Section > ... > Hover over the player and click the gear button <!-- instruction box either freezes or vanishes and won't advance. --> Journal Section > ... > Create Handout <!-- Once the pop-up window is up, all directions are lost and won't advance. --> Jukebox Section > ... > Adding tracks step...?  <!-- I think it wanted me to add tracks, but the step displayed didn't match available options...? Won't advance. --> Journal and Jukebox Sections <!-- On second pass-through to replicate, these seem to now be attempting to run steps from both sections concurrently...? --> Turn Tracker Section > ... > Re-arranging turn order menu. <!-- The tip/direction window is partly off the screen as well as all subsequent tips/directions. --> Macros Section > ... > Setting up Macros assigned to tokens. <!-- I lose the tip/direction window at the same time that we're supposed to see the assignment take hold. Won't advance. --> Otherwise, the Tutorial is actually *super* helpful! I definitely learned more than I had figured out in the 2 games I've played in so far and feel way more prepped to be able to eventually translate my campaign online. Thanks so much for being here!
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
The Tutorial have long been known to have several bugs, and it's generally seen best to switch to a real game to try out features when the tutorial bugs out. This is the most comprehensive write-down of the known bugs I've seen, and I'll save this post for later if/when Roll20 decides to do something about the tutorial.
I have two problems with the tutorial: 1) At one point, when it is discussing objects and stuff, the dialog box is off the screen. Only the 'next' button is able to be seen, the rest is too high. 2) When discussing tokens, none show up after I do the search. Either for the 'archer' or the 'dungeon.'