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Sheet Request - Sea of Theives RPG

Hi, This is a new tabletop RPG from mongoose publishing, really fun fast flowing Pirate game with simple mechanics (accumulate successes over a set number of turns (e.g to escape the pursuing ship - 3 sucesses in 4 turns - all players can contribute if they are working on that task - there may be several tasks going on at once so players have to nominate what they are working on). Would be great to play online.&nbsp; Here is a rules preview to give the flavour: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I have all the pdfs and hard copies for more info if anyone is interested? The physical character sheet is a wipe clean "card" which players place tokens on. Stay safe everybody, All the best, Jeff
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
I posted your request in the main Sheet Request Thread for more visibility. It's best to post in the thread so the request doesn't get lost like can happen with a standalone thread. If you read the suggestions I have in the thread's first post, you can then&nbsp; give more info on the system/sheet in this thread, as this thread links back to the post I made there.&nbsp;