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Repeating Row Chat List

Does anyone know a script that I can use to generate an ordered list in chat for a selected character of a repeating row off their character sheet? I'm using the Pathfinder E1 Community sheet in my game.
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Absolutely! If you wish to use the API: Universal Chat Menus  or Menu Maker Otherwise: NPC Statblock Chat Menu for D&D 5e sheet — No API required!
All good suggestions Keith and thank you but it none of those options does what I need as far as I can figure out. I'm using the new Combat Master script to update conditions and buffs on the character sheets. The buffs on each sheet vary as do the number of buffs per sheet. In Combat Master I can create generic Buff 1 conditions and enable toggling it on/off. What I'm looking for is a way to have a character hit a button and get a list of all the buffs that have been created on their sheet. Just something that can read this property repeating_buff2_$0_name, repeating_buff2_$1_name, ect off the sheet and spit out the ordered list in chat. Hope that is more clear and sorry for any confusion.

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Universal Chat Menu does work for that. I use this as a global token action so I or my players can quickly see what conditions and buffs are toggled 'on' on their sheet. !chatmenu @{selected|character_id} {template:pc}{{charname=@{selected|character_name}}} {{type=ability}} {{smallname=Conditions/Buffs}} {{showchar=[1]}} {{descflag=1}} {{desc=CHATMENU}} --title:Conditions --Bleed,bleed,condition_bleed|Blinded,blinded,condition_blinded|Confused,confused,condition_confused|Cowering,cowering,condition_cowering|Dazed,dazed,condition_dazed|Dazzled,dazzled,condition_dazzled|Deafened,deafened,condition_deafened|Disabled,disabled,condition_disabled|Dying,dying,condition_dying|Drained,drained,condition_energy_drained|Entangled,entangled,condition_entangled|Exhausted,exhausted,condition_exhausted|Fascinated,fascinated,condition_fascinated|Fatigued,fatigued,condition_fatigued|Frightened,frightened,condition_frightened|Flat-Footed,flat-footed,condition_flat-footed|Grappled,grappled,condition_grappled|Helpless,helpless,condition_helpless|Incorporeal,incorporeal,condition_incorporeal|Invisible,invisible,condition_invisible|Nauseated,nauseated,condition_nauseated|Panicked,panicked,condition_panicked|Paralyzed,paralyzed,condition_paralyzed|Petrified,petrified,condition_petrified|Pinned,pinned,condition_pinned|Prone,prone,condition_prone|Shaken,shaken,condition_shaken|Sickened,sickened,condition_sickened|Stable,stable,condition_stable|Staggered,staggered,condition_staggered|Stunned,stunned,condition_stunned|Unconscious,unconscious,condition_unconscious --title:Buffs --repeating_buff|name|-rollShowBuff|toggle --separator: | : If you just want to see all the buffs, whether active or not, try this: !chatmenu @{selected|character_id} {template:pc}{{charname=@{selected|character_name}}} {{type=ability}} {{smallname=Buffs}} {{showchar=[1]}} {{descflag=1}} {{desc=CHATMENU}} --title:Buffs --repeating_buff|name|-rollShowBuff --separator: | :

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Thanks Persephone but that is for the Pathfinder Official sheet. Any idea how to do it with the Community sheet? I tried Universal Chat Menu but there aren't any community sheet examples that I could try and modify and I wasn't successful with anything I tried myself. This is what I tried but it just errors out: !chatmenu @{selected|character_id} {template:pf_block}{{color=@{selected|rolltemplate_color}}} {{header_image=@{selected|header_image-pf_generic}}} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name}}} {{name=**Buff List**}} --separator: | : --title:-Buffs- --repeating_buffs2|name
Hmm I'll set up a game using that sheet to test it in, when I have time. I'll try to check it out this week.
Thanks so much Persephone. I have included a picture to show the exact spot on the sheet that the buffs are located. I also have a test game setup that I could invite you to and promote you to GM if that is easier for you. Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Sure, go ahead and PM me an invite and I'll join when I can :)