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How to have a token shown to every player in the game


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So, trying a homebrew version of 5e Inspiration Points for my game where there is a "pool" of points the party can spend on various things.  I've seen this done in other games with just tokens on the map, but generally they are theater of the mind type games and not using the more advanced Roll20 features. Using maps with dynamic lighting, obviously my players couldn't see tokens on the map all the time, AND it's a little confusing to have these tokens just floating there/moving around in space so they can see them. Is there a way I can have some kind of visual representation of this pool? Maybe the playing cards system? I've never messed with that so I don't know how it works/if it would do what I want. 
The Aaron
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Playing cards wouldn't be shared, but you could do one of: Create a deck with some maximum number of cards, then deal them all to yourself and discard one and shuffle the deck as the players earn them. That gives then a pool to draw from. Create a deck and enable stealing, then deal yourself the number of cards equal to what they have earned and they can steal one from you as they use one.

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Could they see on their screens how many are left? Like I guess just by seeing how many are in my hand? EDIT: Nevermind I see, I just was playing around with it some. :D
Would it perhaps be a solution to create a token, give all players control of it, and use one of the bars to keep track of the remaining points? Just place it on a corner of the VTT.
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Tokens can easily scroll out of sight. Create a token named "Inspiration 10". Put it on the turn tracker so it will display throughout combat. Change the name when you decrement points. This could be automated with Token Mod. Create a Universal Token Action (Macro on the Collections tab, permission given to all players, and "Use as Token Action" clicked) and name it similarly to above. This would be visible to all players when their token is selected, but require a specialized API script to change programatically. These are the only two things I can think of on the interface (beyond the cards already mentioned) that pretty much always display, without getting really out there (such as creating a dummy player with the name "Inspiration 10").