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Starting attempt at a script for PF2, feedback welcome!

I've started writing a script for helping with running PF2. I'm still relatively new to writing API scripts so I'd be grateful for any feedback, it's still very incomplete but anything I've already done wrong and can fix early would be best spotted :) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I'm curious, but is there any documentation for what exactly it does or how to run it?
I was really just asking for feedback on the programming more than the functionality, it's very basic at the moment.

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Mark G.
API Scripter
Updated, can do some useful things now (knows how to roll and document the core book's skill abilities) and has documentation.
Mark G. said: Updated, can do some useful things now (knows how to roll and document the core book's skill abilities) and has documentation. I took a look, I am not running PF2 but it might be useful and the documentation is helpful. A point of feedback if you are looking for scripting advice or comments about your script you need to give more details in your post as to what you need and what and how to use the script. Scripts with no details will likely go unnoticed.&nbsp;
Essentially I was just looking to see if I'm making any basic Roll20 scripting errors since it's my first attempt. Things like if a class will suffice for namespacing instead of the property-based example, what the balance is between using underscore.js and the built in collection operators, or that I'm not duplicating stuff that's built in anyway or well established.
Mik H.
Forum Champion
I'm trying to give this script a go, because it seems very useful, but I'm having trouble getting it to actually work. It doesn't seem to target anything, even making a character named Edgo and using the example on the wiki. !pf @edgo mod add Bravery s 2 #fortitude #fear I tried going to your github as well, to try previous builds, one 3 days ago and one 17 days, but none seem to want to work. Using my limited javascript, I tried to log things; the variable "targetspec" returns things, but "targets" always returns []. I'd love to help test this out, because it would be crazy useful in my pf2 games, but I'm struggling to get through the first hurdle.
I've been having a ton of trouble getting it submitted. I made an initial submission that was in the wrong format, and then fixed it with a later PR. However, for some reason, although the Script Library page sees the newer version of the script.json file, the actual container gets the old version, which is still in the wrong format, and so fails to load. I presume you're a GM in the game you're installing it in?
Mik H.
Forum Champion
Yes, I'm a GM/owner of the game. The old container version definitely happens with the one-click, but I can't get the github build to work either.&nbsp;