Looking for clarification on how sheet translations are handled through github.  I was under the impression that as sheet authors updated a sheet's translation.json, the changes would then automatically propagate to the language files included in the translation folder.  I have noticed on more than one occasion that this didn't happen.  I have resorted to manually updating language files to include changes made to the translation.json, but this seems inefficient and prone to errors.  How do other sheet authors handle changes to the translation.json? has anyone else noticed discrepancies between the translation.json and en.json and or the other language json's? Also, does anyone know anything about how the zu.json is handled?  While the other language files appear to be simple key|value translation pairs, the zu.json (Zulu?) looks like it uses some sort of crowdin code for the value.  Do you think it's safe to include new keys as un-translated key|value pairs? ie "foo": "foo", example of the zu.json TIA