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Outpost;Blacksun gurps 3rd edition

Its the Year 1985 40 years after the end of WorldWar 2,You and a group of top military operators have been asked to accompany Nazi Hunter Sarah Brand into Germany to assist in apprehending assistants of the once Gruesome Joeseph Mengele. But you find something far more horrifying. This is Outpost ;Blacksun a Gurps 3 e Wierd Worldwar2/Horror campaign .Looking for 5 players with GURPS 3E experience. point value will be 150, and leaning to templated characters.Books we will be using are the 3e basicset book. the WW2 corebook and the WW2 Dogfaces book.playing on Roll20 via DISCORD. starting SATURDAY MAY 23 7pm central time for session 0
These are the Books we will be using and we are Stil seeking Players
Can I play? I don't have any books. I have significant experience with role-playing, though it has been quite a few years. Thanks! ~John
Seeking players with experience and have the appropriate books or can get them.. still seeking 5 players