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No spells class filters.

i am trying to sort spell by class in the example Cleric Spells but it shows all spells instead. The first spell listed is not for clerics. This must be very confusing for new players. 
I am still having this same issue and it would appear it has been an issue for over a year now based on other forum posts ive seen. 

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Yeah, it's completely broken in game. You can go via the website for a working version for class filtered spells - you'll notice it has a class filter at the top which does not appear in the in-game journal. I don't think compendium sharing works at this level, so if your players are relying on your Roll20 books for content they'll likely only be seeing SRD content in here (not 100% sure on this one). Needless to say, it should work in game and it doesn't. There are plenty of problems with the Compendium. I gave up on it long ago, and use phone apps and spreadsheets for reference.
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I does work in-game, but the method of using the header (Cleric Spells by Name) is what is broken. If you just click for "Spells", instead of "Lists>Cleric Spells by Name", you will see a tiny button labeled "Filter Results". Click on that and it will call up the filter. This filter works and the spells will appear in the Compendium sidebar. "X Spells by Name" should work, but it doesn't. In fact is is totally broken.
Huh, didn't know this! I can't get it to work though. Where is this "Filter Results" button? I feel like I'm being really stupid, but I cannot see it. "Spells", for me, just opens up a pretty useless declaration of what's "covered in this chapter" followed by links to the (broken) spell list by class. It has sort options, but no filters that I can see. Where is this mysterious filter button, and what else can it do for me?