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Roll20, Have A Look At Foundry VTT, and what it will do.

Have a look at Foundry VTT. Roll20 really needs to get things moving. When Foundry launches in about three weeks, I know four people who are bouncing. They came here because I sold them on the idea. They stayed here, because I kept telling them it's gonna get better, and the books are coming, and the functionality is coming. Well, they're tired of waiting, and so this is it. And if my group leaves, I have to as well. I've been Pro for 6 years. Although I have fought to have my group stay here, and they have basically told me that the end of the road is just ahead.  Maybe it doesn't matter, but my group can't be the only one.
Possibly you could point out the specific features you're referencing that Foundry will have and Roll20 either does not have, or has not put on their roadmap. Such info would be beneficial.
This is about not being able to deliver on product and feature that should be here, features that have taken too long to get here, and also released features that were clearly not even ready, and in one case, taken away for fixing. I'm not going to reiterate the list, because it's been plastered across the forums over the last few years. The road map and what's on their radar is going to take too long. I mean, months ago, they said the back catalog for 5e DND would be by end of 2020. That's just too long. So, what they said was, "hold on guys, sit tight for yet another year, and we'll get you the rest of the stuff."  As far as features, have a look at the suggestion forums. A few good examples are a finished compendium, feature rich. Not what we have. viewing as the player when the token is clicked on, automatically, is another. Some other things in the core Foundry application are: adding color to light sources, multiple wall and vision blocking types (normal, elevated, one way, terrain, etc.), doors that are clickable to open and can be locked, adding sound to areas of a map that can be heard when within a distance of the source, animated maps, esthetics of the app, the list goes on.  On the same line, in the first page of the suggestion section, the following are Obstructed: Better way to organize pages, Movement restriction without vision restriction, custom compendium, one sided dynamic lighting. They all have big numbers of votes, but are all obstructed. They seem to be putting bandaids on things when they need to overhaul. Eventually, everything will be obstructed, and there will be no more innovation.  I can't and don't expect these things to be available in the base application anytime soon, and I know that API scripts can do some of these things. Not everyone is a scripter, however, and not everyone even have the ability to implement them. Crazy, I know. The people here are definitely helpful. I think they need a Roll20 v-2.0.
Ryan S. said: Possibly you could point out the specific features you're referencing that Foundry will have and Roll20 either does not have, or has not put on their roadmap. Such info would be beneficial. Dynamic Lighting that works NO LAG Weather Effects No Loading times on character sheets or NPC's  Custermisable compendiums - including drag/drop straight to character sheets Positional audio - You walk up to a waterfall and you hear water cascading down Audio that can be added directly to tokens Doors - Doors that can be opened directly by a PC.  Locked if need be, with a lock symbol and a locked sound when a player tries to open it. Animated tokens  Animated backgrounds/maps Developmental steps - small regular changes that do not hinder the basic functionality.  Unlike, Dynamic lighting, status effects and music fiasco that has taken place over the last two years.  Anyone want to play via Ipad??? Day/night cycles - where positional - colored lights turn on/off automatically. A dev community that implements changes within minutes. I could go on. I fully understand the R20 is a behemoth of a platform that undoubtedly has legacy code written in the background that if changed the whole thing collapses.  If that is the case just say to the community they are going to stop the hap-hazard development cycle and say they are starting again in the background and in parallel.  Development the product and release it.  In a reasonable timeframe!  Not in Beta 6 years down the line like FG.  Foundry has come to market in less than 18 months by one individual.  Lets add another year in the background and say 2 and half years.  That's about the same time as R20 have spent tinkering around with Dynamic lighting alone. I was so amazed when R20 was introduced to me, but so disappointed as to how the product has been dragged through the mud in its development cycle. This is like watching IBM go up against a fledgling Microsoft - although we know how both have now turned out ;)
Hey folks - This post doesn't really fit the spirit of these forums. If you have a specific feature/idea you would like to see within Roll20, please feel free to create a new post outlining that feature/idea. As such, I'm going to close this post so we can get your votes refunded. Thank you!