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[LFP][5e][Homebrew-Living World][Long-term][Free][Voice][newbie-friendly][18+] Imperium Ascension ~ GMT+11 - AEST Fri to Mon


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Tales of Atriea – New Chapter: Imperium Ascension T he Living World of Atriea, 8 makers upon eight continents teeming with civilizations that rise and fall, all manner of races in different realms and kingdoms both flourishing with each other and waging total war. Filled with history untold and mysterious secrets hidden to all but a few; a series of events led to decisive conclusions that would change the course of the future for either the better or the worse. Groups of heroes unite to reach a common goal; calling themselves the Ground Odyssey, scouring the land to defeat evil where it lurks. Starting Premise: I mperium Ascension : The Jordenian Empire strikes at the heart of the Southern Realms within the city of Lanor, convening their slavery system that would bolster their armaments for the war effort; attempting to vassalize the city through political intrigue. Lanor’s slave influence spans across the globe to even the most secluded areas, harbouring different species for all conducts of auction, relentlessly building an economic super power that would ultimately succeed the goals of the Empire’s expansion. You, are among the few who would stand and break the system for it has affected you personally, whether the Empire has affected your realm or your family. However those who would ruminate to even act against the Jordenian Empire were always lynched in advance through their massive web of spies. You find yourself locked in a cell underneath the guards-keep in the city of Ernmore. Hey ladies and gentlemen, my name is Nico and I am a DM of 4 years in Roll20 and have played D&d for about double that. Having over 1500+ hours of DMing experience on four different campaigns (one concurrently going over 600+ hours), I would say I’m quite familiar with 5e, and having to start from homebrew really gave me a perspective for balance, in terms of encounters, boss fights and roleplaying. In saying that, I am no master on the matter, I am not flawless with how 5e rules are and I love the ruling dynamic between DM and players that would eventually conclude to a decision. So the past few years I have been playing with eleven people of my home group (separated to two campaigns) and have grown accustomed to cater and plan for six players at one point. My comfortable group size is normally three or four but I would possibly extend this as I progress to DM. So, I’ve decided, why not have this world have be shared with others who might come to enjoy it as we have? And that is where YOU come in! I offer you an exclusive experience that you would find both comforting, fun and enjoyable! What you would expect from my Campaign: Unique Story-telling: My homebrew world and scenarios; having played Wizard of the Coasts modules as a player, I started to DM in homebrew because I wanted to give players their very own authentic experience of storytelling, they create their destiny and their journey to it. I merely supply them obstacles or assistance that would disclose events leading to glorious victory or utter defeat without compromise of an already set mission line. Consistent Planning: I thoroughly plan my sessions, almost to the point of over-planning the session at hand. Never be afraid to explore through the world (you may miss a lot of loot and special interactions if you do!). Rewards and Incentives : High Risk = High Reward but also = High Consequences – I don’t like giving out freebies, but I will not railroad you away from them either. Roleplaying: I roleplay my NPCs, I am no professional voice-actor, but have played a fair few of games to reference different vocals from, so if you are the RP-heavy type, then fear not, as I love to add drama to the players! INFORMATION, lots of it:  I have written entire history scriptures pre-dating the entirety of my world’s events (I find regularity and consistency paramount to how my players discover the world). I have the tendancy to add things in my downtime during commute. Dynamic Encounters: I love battles, they can be slogging in 5e, regardless that I homebrew, my monsters abides to the CR rule from the D&d Monster Manual. Dungeon crawls are a given but not out of necessity and boss fights are, well, possibly the most memorable for a player in my campaigns. Potential long-lasting Friendship: D&d is another way to get people with similar interests be part of something wholesome and you and I can be friends in the long run! I want to get to know my players, not just as a character but as a person, bonding friendship through a D&d game is among the best type of way to go about that! Milestone Levelling System: I usually do milestone levelling rather than the original, it gives extra incentives for players who really interact and decide how they go about the journey of accomplishing missions without compromising. What I expect from you: This game is labelled free, only to the sole reason as my homegroup friends play this free and thus I think expanding our story beyond to those who would like to fill it with their own legends is another way to build such a living world, with no currency expense (your valuable time is all I want!). I expect you to give it the same patience, consistency and conviction when it comes to playing through the sessions as I do. This would perhaps be bi-weekly but I am open to weekly schedules (bi-weekly is more of a precaution for those of us whose timetable may change drastically at a moment's notice). Those who do go on to progress over level 5 off this Long-term campaign, I will commission your character an artwork (only if your original character is alive till that point). My End Goal with this?: I would like to turn this into a book someday, entailing the tales of the groups that would like to play it, stories intertwine by real player decisions. I am in need of three new players. English is a MUST . All characters starts at lvl 2.  PM me if you are interested - Answer the following questions: 1. Tell me something about yourself. 2. What is your longest running campaign (player or DM) 3. What sort of character are you willing to play? 4. Timezone you are in? 5. Why would you be interested in playing my game? If I find you applicable I will send you a survey to do and then a discord invite will be forwarded to you.

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PMs aren't working for me right now, so unfortunately I have to respond here. 1. Tell me something about yourself. I'm a 38 year old woman who has (relatively) recently found TTRPGs as a great way to have fun and step into someone else's shoes. I love reading, writing, coffee, and cats. I've always loved fantasy as a way to escape life for a time. 2. What is your longest running campaign (player or DM)  I've never DM'd, but my longest running campaign so far is a GURPS fantasy campaign that's been running for over a year now. 3. What sort of character are you willing to play?  I'm willing to play whatever the campaign needs, but I'd really love to play either a Tabaxi Wizard or a Tiefling Eldritch Knight Fighter. Maybe a Tiefling Rogue or Ranger. (Can you tell I love Tieflings?) I tend toward neutral or chaotic alignments, and never evil. 4. Timezone you are in? American EDT (GMT-4) 5. Why would you be interested in playing my game?  I'm interested in a well-developed world (which you seem to have) where my actions can make a difference, whether good or bad. I like to create proper backstories that the DM can use as story hooks, and I love character development throughout the campaign. I'm still learning the finer points of roleplaying, but I really like character interaction, especially if it helps develop other characters as well as mine. And last but certainly not least, the premise sounds interesting and I appreciate dedication to a game.
I have sent a PM! I'm keen to join this
I just sent a PM. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Also sent a PM. Hope to play :)
This game's recruitment is now CLOSED Thank you for all those who considered to apply.