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API Crash- looking for error


Edited 1588462546
I have a game tonight and logged in to the game and the API crashes immediately.  Worked fine a few days ago.  How would I go about determining what the issue is???  Any Ideas? ***EDIT***  IT was TokenFate.  Deleted that script and my API is back up.  Not sure why. "It's A Trap!: Registered TrapTheme - default." "-=> GroupCheck v1.12 <=-" ReferenceError: msg is not defined ReferenceError: msg is not defined     at handleMessages (apiscript.js:24550:22)     at eval (eval at <anonymous> (/home/node/d20-api-server/api.js:154:1), <anonymous>:65:16)     at Object.publish (eval at <anonymous> (/home/node/d20-api-server/api.js:154:1), <anonymous>:70:8)     at /home/node/d20-api-server/api.js:1648:12     at /home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:93:560     at hc (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:39:147)     at Kd (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:93:546)     at Id.Mb (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:93:489)     at Zd.Ld.Mb (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:94:425)     at /home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:111:461
The Aaron
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Sorry about that, that's my fault.&nbsp; Details here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> TL;DR - it should be fixed on Tuesday or you can install the previous version.